How To Fix Car Speakers? 2022

How to fix car speakers?

Are you the one who is in trouble due to the car speakers that are not working correctly? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have mentioned some outstanding and straightforward steps that will help you to fix your car speakers quickly.

How To Fix Car Speakers

Before starting anything, we want to say that you should not be an expert in fixing the car speaker issues. There are loads of factors that affect the quality of a car speaker. However, you shouldn’t need to get deep down into the elements. Instead of that, the steps we will be talking about in this article will let you know what the issues are and help you fix them without any hurdles.

Apart from that, the current speakers you are using for the car are ten times better in performance and quality than the newer ones. Therefore, you should be able to repair the old speakers and avoid purchasing a newer one.

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table of contents How to fix car speakers?Steps to Fix Car SpeakersStep 1 (Remove the Speaker)Step 2 (Remove the Speaker surround foam)Step 3 (Remove other internal components)Step 4 (Cleaning)Step 5 (Identify the problems)Step 6 (Test)Can a car speaker be repaired?How much does it cost to fix car speakers?How do you fix a broken car speaker?What would cause my car speakers to stop working?

Steps to Fix Car Speakers

Step 1 (Remove the Speaker)

First of all, you have to remove the car speaker mounted with the door or any other location. Next, you have to use a mounting screwdriver that can quickly help you open the screws. When unscrewing the speaker, make sure to use a good quality screwdriver that doesn’t affect any screw or would not become a significant reason for damages.

After unscrewing everything, the next thing you need to do is to unplug all of the connected wires, Turn off the power, and open the enclosure.

Step 2 (Remove the Speaker surround foam)

After you remove the speaker from the car, the next step will be to remove the attached components of the speakers. You can make good use of a knife to remove the speaker old foam that is attached to its surround. However, try to do the process very carefully as any mistake will cause issues with the paper cone. If it gets damaged, then you have to purchase a newer one.

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Step 3 (Remove other internal components)

After you remove the foam that is attached to the surrounding of the speakers, the next step will be to remove other internal components of the speakers. First of all, starts with the speaker cone with the help of a knife. After that, the next component will be the voice coil that has to be removed. While removing the voice call, it’s essential to disconnect the terminal wires. In the end, you have to remove the old glue with the help of sandpaper or a knife.

Step 4 (Cleaning)

Cleaning the speaker is an essential thing at the time of fixing the car speakers. However, sometimes the dust or dirt particles attached to the speaker cause a significant reason for its poor performance. Therefore, you need to do the process honestly.

For the cleaning purpose, you need to use alcohol and a cloth. However, IF there is any other solution available in your home that is safe for cleaning, you can also consider it for the cleaning purpose. For example, apart from Cloth, you can make good use of cotton swabs to clean every end of the speakers perfectly.

Step 5 (Identify the problems)

After you cleaned the speakers and removed all of their components, the next step is to check out the reasons that cause issues with the car speakers. First of all, check out the speaker cone; if it’s tear a bit, then you need to use tape or glue to fix it. If the cone is badly damaged, you have to buy a new speaker cone and replace it with the older one.

The second important thing that you need to check out in a speaker is its voice coil. Sometimes melted voice coil raises a lot of issues for the speakers to bring out poor quality sound. If it’s not melted, then you have to fix it as it is. Otherwise, you have to buy a new voice coil and attach it to the speaker.

The replacement of a voice coil is not a hassles task. All you need is to put the new voice coil to the location where the older one is installed. Meanwhile, you have to plug in the wires that are necessary for the speakers.

Besides that, many people believe that removing the speaker cone is a hassles task. However, all of this is indeed wrong. All you need is to put the new speaker cone to the exact place where the older voice cone will be installed. The use of glue is quite effective in pasting the speaker cone.

After you attached the speaker cone and voice coil, the next important thing would be to fix the surrounds of the speakers. Here, you need to apply new glue to the surrounding areas of the speakers. Meanwhile, let it dry off by waiting for a while. After that, the loose wires have to be attached again, along with mounting the speakers back to the car.

Step 6 (Test)

After you did the whole process, we believe that the speaker will fix and provide you better sound quality and experience. However, in some cases, if the speaker is not working adequately, then you have to consult a professional who is an expert in fixing the car speakers.


Can a car speaker be repaired?

In general, the repairmen of car speakers are possible. However, many experts suggest that it’s not worth it. On the other hand, upgrading would be a good idea if you already have a better sound system.

How much does it cost to fix car speakers?

For better quality, you have to replace the car speakers with a newer one. Unfortunately, it will usually cost up to $100 to replace the car speakers. Also, buying a fully-fledged new one will take up to $700 or $800 of investment.

How do you fix a broken car speaker?

The first step is to remove the car speaker from the car and then remove the surrounds and other components, including the voice coil and cone. Next, clean the whole speaker and check what part is broken. If it’s possible to replace the broken part with a newer one, then do it. Otherwise, buy a new speaker.

What would cause my car speakers to stop working?

Several reasons cause the car speakers to stop running. For example, a melted cone, Thermal failure, Overheating, mechanical failure, and many other reasons would become a common problem for the car speakers to work poorly.