How To Measure Car Speakers Sizes Correctly In 2022

How to Measure Car Speakers?

Are you the one who is planning to buy a new car speaker? If yes, then you should need to measure the size of the speakers. Why? Because it makes an integral role at the time of installing inside the Car. Without proper measurement, you would have to face a lot of issues. Therefore, its measurement is very important.

how to measure car speakers

But wait, how can you measure the car speakers? What will be the rules or tips that can help you out to measure it in the right way? No need to worry about anything as this article will show you a perfect road map that you need to follow to measure the car speakers in the best way.

Remember, randomly picking up the car speakers without measuring the size isn’t a good move. Therefore, you should need to give it an adequate time.

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Tools required for measuring car speakers sizes

To measure the car speakers, you will mandatorily need plenty of pen/pencil, Notepad, Screwdriver, Panel Removing Tools, and the Measurement Tap/Ruler.

Important things to consider while Measuring Car Speakers

1. Understanding the Guide for measuring car speaker sizes 

Before applying any practical rule over the Car speakers that you want to measure, it’s essential to go through the guide where you will get to know about many things in one place. So, yes, the speaker guide is an essential thing that you need to read and understand.

We are suggesting you read out the guide because not every car speaker model is that easier to measure. Moreover, sometimes the manufacturers used to follow the sizes without any standards to match perfectly with the car dimensions.

 For that reason, you would easily consider the websites where a brief amount of information will be available for you related to the specific model car speaker measurement. It will help you to identify a lot of the things within one place.

2. Finding the dimensions to measure car speakers

After going through the above guideline that is a general way to identify the car speaker measurement, we will now talk about the practical ways throughout the article. So, you would have to start it by finding the dimension.

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Here, finding the dimension means to say that you have to take off the covers put on the speaker. For that, you can use a screwdriver and look for the mounting screws by unscrewing every single one of them. Loose the screws and then put out the speakers carefully out it. Meanwhile, make sure to look for the wires that are connected to it and disconnect them.

Now with the help of tape or scale, you can easily measure the speakers. Here, you should measure it in terms of inches. Meanwhile, note it down on paper so that you can’t forget it later.

After that, the next step is to flip the upside to the downside. In other words, change the face of the speaker by facing down. Now, take the help of tape or the scale to measure the widest point so that you can easily find out the diameter.

You have to find the round or square dimensions; it’s time to note down the height as well. For that, you need to place the speakers in a way that can help you face up the speaker's cone area again. From the bottom end of the speaker, start the measurement of the speaker.

3. Depth of Mounting

The mounting depth is very important for you to measure as it can pull out the whole situation worse for you if you don’t measure it accurately. In other words, the reason for measuring the mounting depth is to ensure who much depth is required for a speaker for the mounting purpose. Remember, the mounting depth neither needs to be short or long as it can make issues both ways. As a result, you can expect damages to the speakers, which is a daunting situation.

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4. Check out the screw holes distances

Another important thing at the time of measuring car speakers sizes is to check out the screw hole distances. Most of the time, people don’t give it the importance that, as a result, raises a lot of issues for everyone. If you don’t check the screw hole's distance, then you might end up wasting your crucial time drilling new holes. Why? Because the speakers you have purchased will not easily mount with the existing holes.

Those who are not using similar types of screws for the car speakers can skip out this process as it is unnecessary for them to continue. However, the procedure is not valid for the different types of screws users.

5. The inner hole Diameter Measurement

There will be a small recessed lip inside the whole area where you plan to mount the speaker. Why? Because the mounting frame must have to lay flush. Now, all you need is to take the ruler or tape and place it to one side of the recessed hole area. From there, you can take the tape or ruler to the hole on another side a straightway.

However, you need to ensure that the car speaker must have a recessed lip if you want to follow this procedure. Unfortunately, there are many car speakers whose boxes don’t come with the recessed lip. Therefore, the process would not work for it.

6. Measuring the Cutout Diameter

The next step is to measure the cutout diameter. The meaning of cutout diameter here is to identify the speaker's backside, known as the speaker's largest diameter. Here, you need to understand that the car speaker slot is necessarily needed to fit with the size you have measured from the speaker flange. Without the proper measurement, it will make the whole situation a bit troubling for you.

Apart from that, some speakers come in round shape; therefore, the rule of finding the cutout diameter in such situations is to measure each side's widest point. Meanwhile, you need to ensure that the cutout diameter has been smaller, or it’s better to consider similar sizes as per the hole size. Make sure you measure cutout diameter accurately. 

How are oval Speakers Measured?

The new speakers with the automotive feature come in either oval or round shapes. Therefore, the speaker dimensions turn out to be a significant question for all people. The oval speakers are pretty more challenging for an ordinary person to understand the diameter of the speaker.

Here, you need to understand that the measurement of the oval speakers is done by identifying the width and length of the speakers. Based on that, you can easily judge the actual dimensions of the speakers without any hurdles.

The majority of the people would find it hard regarding the oval speakers for their measurements as it comes with the ready cables, mounting holes, and screw pattern that make the most of the troubles for the people.

The only way to measure the speakers is to identify the distance between the holes for mounting. Here, you need to it with measuring what the actual distance between the mounting holes is. The diameter of the aperture speaker is not the leading cause.

Suppose we say that you have 5x7 inches or 6x9 inches of the oval speaker, the measurement of the speakers in inches would be around 6 ½ or ¼ inches. Here, you can consider it by measuring the mounting depth as it can be helpful as well for you.

We have discussed the length of speakers as well at the start. So, you can assume it by measuring the mounting height of the oval speakers. It will also help you write up the dimensions that can help you understand the whole measurement thing.

How do you know what size your car speakers are?

 Use tape to measure car speakers

The tape measure process is what gives you the exact details of what is the speaker size. Here, it would help if you taped it from the bottom of the speaker to the top side of the speaker, which is also called the highest point of the speaker. In this way, everything becomes as easier for you as possible. 

Make sure that the tape is nearest to the center of the speakers when you are putting it to one side and then stretching towards the other side for measurement reasons.

A short guide to measure car speakers accurately

For your convenience, we are providing a short guide that you need to follow to perform the entire procedure efficiently. First, you need to remove the mounting frame to put the speakers onto the surface. It would help if you unscrewed everything. Here, you need to measure the mounting depth of the speakers and measure the speaker height and the Diameter of the car speakers.

After you have performed the above procedure, the next step would be to measure down the screw holes of the speakers. The best thing about measuring the screw holes is not getting into the hole drilling procedure again. However, you won’t need to follow the step if you plan to use a new screw.

The other important thing that you would need to consider besides the measurement process is the technical knowledge of the speakers. Yes, it would help to be in the proper steps and never get anything out of context for the stereo installation. So, those essential things are the car stereo Power ratings, Speaker mounting screw type, and the speaker’s weight.

How are the speaker's sounds measured?

When considering the right speaker based on measuring its sound, you need to measure the loudness of the speakers by looking towards the decibels. If we talk about the car audio sound system, most experts consider the same thing. 

Therefore, you would have to consider the same for the other speakers. Yes, it’s essential to even before considering the speaker’s mounting procedure or its high-powered capabilities.

The numbers of the Decibels make the most importance at the time of measurement. It would be significant for those who listen to the high volume. Although manufacturers guide you about the whole thing to get better information about the speaker measurement, you need to have extra knowledge in making the right decisions.

As we talked about the Decibels or dB of the speakers to measure its sound, the question arises that what should be the excellent dB of the speakers. Here, you need to understand that any speaker with a better sensitivity rate tends to provide you with better sound loudness in speaker.

Anything between 86db to 88dB is considered the average sensitivity speaker. However, anyone with more budget and needing to get more loudness from the speakers should have a more than 90dB sensitivity rating. So, you can accordingly act in the way for the measurements.

How do you measure a foam speaker?

The reasons for measuring a foam speaker lead to the situations where you identify the Refoam kit that is preferable for you. Therefore, you have not counted the frame or cone part and instead go for the foam measurements only.

The outside and inside diameter measurements are essential for considering the original foam. Let say the foam is not in its right condition; there are no significant issues due to that reason as you would see the adhesive material will still be there over the foam area that you can tape measure easily.

You can consider the clock method to measure the foam speakers. Yes, put one end of the tap to the 9:00 and the end to the 3:00. It’s considered for the outside edges of the speaker foam. If you want to identify the inside measurements, you need to follow the same clock rule for the inside edge of the speakers.

Sometimes, people find it hard to measure the foam speakers due to the installed gas kit. Here, you must remove the gas kit before starting the measurement procedure. In this way, things will get relatively easy for you regarding the measurements of the foam speakers. 

It’s the best and easiest method that we have discussed with you. However, you will also learn about other methods, which you can consider based on your interests and easiness.