How To Remove Roll Bar Speakers From Jeep Wrangler

How to remove roll bar speakers from jeep wrangler?

The majority of the people who own Jeeps tends to use the Rollbar speakers as it’s the ideal mod for such type of vehicles. If we talk about the Jeep wrangler, the owners also consider the same type of speaker. As you have come to this article to remove roll bar speakers, you are also using the same speaker type in your jeep wrangler.

You don’t need to be well-known about the procedure even after removing roll bar speakers from the wrangler jeep. Due to these reasons, we have created this article where you will get the exact method of removing the speakers from the jeep wrangler. So without any further ado, let’s start talking about it in detail in the below section.

Steps to Remove Roll Bar Speakers From Jeep Wrangler:

Use of Screwdriver for Unscrewing the Speaker:

If you have bought the Jeep wrangler from another person and are using the roll speakers already, you need first to identify the speaker's spot inside the vehicle where it’s installed. After that, you have to use the screwdriver to unscrew the speaker.

In most Rollbar speakers, you will have to see the three screws on them. However, some car owners perform modifications in the sound system in the jeep wrangler, so you can consider more than three screws as well to unscrew. 

Meanwhile, using the same size screwdriver is not efficient as you would use a different size speaker, so the size of the screwdriver also needs to be different. With a screwdriver, unscrew the speakers so you can achieve the first task of easily removing them from their casing.

Remove the Speaker

As you have successfully unscrewed the Rollbar speakers with the help of a Screwdriver, the next step would be to remove the speaker from the roll bar. Here, you need to perform the removing part of the speaker very carefully as the backside of the speakers must contain wiring connections, which could damage the connectors. Especially when the speaker is stuck mid-way in the roll bar, and you are forced fully pull it towards you.

Remove the Cover

On the connection terminal side, you will see a cap cover, after you remove the speaker from the roll bar. It is used just because of protecting the power source that is linked with it. Therefore, you must remove the cover to detach the power connector.

When you have successfully pulled the speaker out of the roll bar, the power cable will appear behind the speaker. From there, you can easily remove the cover. However, try to remove the cap gently as it can get stuck at some point, just like when you remove the speaker. Never try to do it forced fully if you don’t want to experience any damage to the speaker.

Detach the Connectors

The power connector will have a white tab on it that comes in a small size, which you can see after removing the speaker cover. The white tab is the thing that can help you to detach the connector. Here, you have to press the tab once and then release the connector out of it. Without pressing the white tab, the connector won’t detach.

How can you make the stereo Sound better on the Jeep Wrangler?

If you are enthusiastic about listening to music and want to set up a better stereo sound in the jeep wrangler, you must consider a few additional things. So, let’s talk about them one by one.

Upgrading the Front Speakers

The majority of the quality sound you experience inside the vehicle is from the front speakers. The front speakers come on both the top and bottom sides of the dashboard. Therefore, you need to upgrade them by considering a bigger size. 

However, try to go with the maximum size suitable for the jeep wrangler dash area. Also, it would help if you went with the bigger size front speakers upgrade when you have a hefty amount of money. 

Include a Sub-Woofer

Most car enthusiasts install a sub-woofer in the car stereo sound system to get full quality sound. The Sub-woofer provides you with better bass inside, which brings you better sound quality. Meanwhile, it reduced the efforts of the already installed speaker and tried to put out better sound. So, considering the sub-woofer is mandatory for you.

Consider additional speakers

You can consider additional speakers in the Jeep wrangler to get meaningful support from the stereo sound system of the jeep wrangler. However, try to do it in a way where the vehicle's space doesn’t compromise. If you are not satisfied with the listening experience of your current speakers, then considering an additional speaker is the only solution.

Include an Amp

As you are considering a front speaker and a sub-woofer in the vehicle, it becomes mandatory for you to consider an amplifier as well. The trio set-up will meet and provide you with the demanded support you expect in the jeep wrangler stereo sound system.

The amplifier plays an important role to bring the extra power required for your speakers to come out as an improved system. Also, it’s crucial when you plan to include a subwoofer in the jeep wrangler.

How do I replace my soundbar speakers?

First, you have to pull out the factory speaker you are willing to replace with the soundbar speaker. Now, remove the harness from it. Now, take the new Soundbar speakers and match their size with the grille where you have to fix it. After fixing the speaker:

  • Connect the wire to the new soundbar speaker.
  • Here, connect the positive and negative wires to the right place.
  • Put the grille back to the area where you install the soundbar speaker.
  • In the last, use the screwdriver to screw the speaker.

What size are the speakers in the Jeep Wrangler on the roll bar?

As a Jeep Wrangler owner, you have made the plan to buy roll bar speakers and install them in the car. However, you are not sure to consider the standard size for it. Well, 4 x 8-inch is the standard size speaker you can consider installing in the jeep wrangler on the roll bar.

How do I change the speakers in my Jeep Wrangler?

Changing the Speakers in the jeep wrangler is not that tricky until you have the right information. First of all, you have to connect the speaker with the connectors and then fix it to the cover of the roll bar. After that, you have to fix the speaker to the roll bar where you hang the speaker.

Try to perform the procedure carefully as gentle push can damage the speakers. Now, use the screwdriver to screw all sides of the roll bar so the speakers can effectively hang in their place.

How to replace speakers in jeep wrangler?

First of all, use the screwdriver to unscrew the area to remove the factory-installed speaker from the cover. Now, fix the new speaker you purchased onto the jeep wrangler speaker cover area. In the end, use the screwdriver again to screw the spots so it can easily hold the speaker, and you can easily use it.