How To Install Car Audio System? 2022

How to Install Car Audio System?

Installing the Car Audio system is always a fascinating feeling for car lovers who enjoy the music, podcast, or anything else while driving to their office, Home, or onto the highways. However, it’s important to know that installing the car audio system is not that easy. 

How To Install Car Audio System

Installing the Car Audio system is always a fascinating feeling for car lovers who enjoy the music, podcast, or anything else while driving to their office, Home, or onto the highways. However, it’s important to know that installing the car audio system is not that easy. 

Steps to Install Car Audio System

Step 1:  First of all, you have to remove or uninstall the old Car audio system. If you don’t have a car audio system, then you can skip this step. Make sure to remove the negative cable from the battery to let everything happen in a safe environment.

Step 2: The second step is to remove the car audio system Trim, and for that, you have to unscrew everything holding the Audio System. Try to use the adequate Screwdriver for it. After removing the Trim, remove all of the necessary components of the Car Audio system available. Meanwhile, remove the Car Stereo system. Make sure to unscrew the Stereo nuts before you pull it out with your hands or anything else. If it's loosely connected, then you will not have to face any damages.

Step 3: After you pull out the Stereo system, the backside of the Stereo will be connected through the Wires. If you don’t know about the wiring, then try to take pictures of the wiring. So that, when you are installing the new car audio system, you can plug them properly with the stereo system. After that, unplug the Old stereo.

Step 4: The fourth step starts with installing the new Stereo system on the Car. Here, you have to match up the new Car stereo system wires adequately as all of them are unique, and you need to figure them out. You need to check out the Diagrams of wiring to ensure that everything has been done correctly.

Step 5: The fifth step starts with assembling the Stereo kit only when the new stereo system has come up with a kit. Then, screw them wherever it’s required with the help of a good size screwdriver.

Step 6: After you screw the Mounting kit to the Stereo system, the next thing is to connect all of the power sources with it. Some people don’t use the Wiring harnesses; in that case, you can easily connect the power manually. But, you need first to know whether your car audio system has a constant power source or Switched power source. The switched one comes with red wire, and the yellow wire tends to be the continuous power source. Some of the speakers do come in all types, so you need to know about them and their usages on the internet or from the experts.

Step 7: You have installed the Mounting kit and set up the Power cable perfectly. Now, you need to ground the stereo. For that, you have to fit it to the speaker area perfectly and then try to ground them perfectly. Meanwhile, you have to connect all of the Cars wires with the stereo system, just like how your older speaker was connected. It would help if you considered the picture you took earlier when you were unplugging the connection.

Step 8: After plug-in all of the wires with the car stereo system. The next thing is to test it before mounting it with the Screws. Why? Because if there were any issues, you could easily resolve them straight away. Otherwise, you have to perform the whole step again.

Please turn on the car stereo system and test them on CD Components, DFM, and AM. After you are fully ensured with the right connections of the wires, you should proceed to the permanent mounting option.

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Step 9: With the help of your hands, try to push the stereo onto its place. After that, connect all of the other components that you have removed at the time of the old stereo system. Then, you need to screw them as fast as possible. Try to fix everything in the right way before screwing the Car audio system to avoid issues.

Step 10: The Trim piece that you have un-mounted in the start try to fix them back onto the Car Stereo. And then, Screw them properly so they can be perfectly fixed and never lose that easily.

Step 11: If you want to upgrade the speakers, all you need is to unplug all of the Wire connections from the Old Speakers. And then, plug the new speaker's wire with them.

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1. How do I install a sound system in my car?

If you want to install a sound system in the car, you need first to gather all of the tools required for the installation purpose. After that, you need to connect the good cables with the sound system and use the mounting kit so everything will be in its place. Moreover, you have to screw the Sound system adequately so everything will remain fixed. Most importantly, disconnect the power supply.

2. Should I install car audio myself?

If you have done that in the past, then there is nothing you need to worry about. Also, you can perform it if you haven’t done that in the past. There is no rocket science in installing the car audio system. Hence, you can easily do it without any hurdles. Therefore, we would recommend you install it.

3. Can I install my car stereo?

The installation of a Car Stereo is not hassles or tough. All you need is the right approach to install it. You can consider the YouTube Videos and then install the car stereo system. Before you do anything, try to turn off the power supply of the Car stereo so no circuit issue would occur.