How To Choose An Amplifier For Car Speakers In 2022

How to Choose an Amplifier for Car Speakers? Tips & Tricks

Are you the one who wants to improve the car sound system's quality by considering an amplifier? If so, then you have come to the right place. There is no doubt that a car sound system can offer you excellent quality and sustainability by having an external good quality amplifier. 

Whether you know it or not, the built-in amplifier of the speakers gives you a good feeling; however, it doesn’t come up to the mark when it comes to the sound quality. So, it gets mandatory for you to remove the built-in speakers and install an external one. If you interseted in best car speakers without amp, you can read our article here.

But wait, how can you get the external amplifier for the car speakers? Well, it's a tricky process, and you need to know about several things in the guide format to buy the best one for yourself. This article will help you with a detailed guide that will help you choose the best amplifier for car speakers. So without any further ado, let's start talking about it in detail.

What exactly are the Things you Would need to consider in the Amplifier?

As said earlier, every car sound system comes with a built-in amplifier. Therefore, it's not possible that you would love the built-in amplifier to enjoy a better music experience. So, the need for a new external amplifier is a must for you. And for that, you would need to know about the list of the things that will help you out throughout purchasing. So what are those things? Let's discuss them.

1. Channels

When buying an amplifier, the first and most important thing you need to ensure is the number of channels. Depending upon the number of speakers in the car, the channels numbers are also considered accordingly. If you want to amplify one speaker, then the channel needs to be one. Meanwhile, if you plan to include a sub-woofer in the existing system, the amplifier has to be single-channel. You can read about best car speakers without subwoofer.

Apart from that, you can get versatile options in the amplifier when you go with more than one number of channels in the speakers. It all depends upon how better you are expecting the amplifier should be to give you a better experience at the time of listening to something in your car.

2. Must consider System Compatibility when buying amplifier

System compatibility is another important thing you need to consider when buying an amplifier for the car speaker. The amplifier and head unit are the two important things that have to be in mind when thinking about the system's compatibility.

You can get the clearest sound in the Car speakers by just considering the un-amplified and raw signal into the amp. Meanwhile, you have to consider the preamp outputs available in the head unit and the line-level inputs compatible amplifier.

You will generally realize that the preamp outputs don’t come in several after-market and head units when you visit the market. If you have a head unit that fully supports your current needs, consider the speaker-level inputs available amp for it. 

You can fully take advantage of the system compatibility by getting a better and clear sound from the car sound system. Therefore, the hassle of buying an additional amp is not mandatory for you. Moreover, it will save your energy by setting up additional adapters and wiring into the car.

3. Power of amplifer

The Amplifier's power is another significant aspect that you should never skip to experience a good sound quality from the car speakers. The majority of the people decide to prioritize the amplifier on the second spot and focus on buying the speakers first, which helps them select the adequate amplifier power options.

You have to find the RMS value even when you expect to make changes in the factory-installed speakers of the car. After that, you have to consider the amplifier that comes with around 75 to 150 percent.

If you want to drive your speakers and enjoy the fullest, the power is still a significant exception or consideration in that case. You can run a sub by considering a multi-channel amp with two channels. However, you need to be aware that it’s not the right decision for every type of situation. It would help if you went with a separate mono amplifier when the amp you are about to use is not fulfilling the needs of specific subwoofer power.

Why Would you need an Amplifier for the Car Speakers?

Well, you have heard about many things that go around to the amplifier. However, it may be coming to your mind why you need to get the car speakers'? So, let's talk about that in detail.

In general, car speakers are good for many car owners without having an amplifier linked to them. However, you need to know that amplifiers are like the car speakers' power that brings you a better feel or experience that you can’t enjoy alone with the car speakers. And when you are an enthusiastic music lover, these things turn out to be very important and mandatory for you.

1. Amplifier is Good for Up gradations

You won’t get the best sub-woofers or upgraded speakers experience when considering the factory-installed amp system in the vehicle. You can only get the peak performance from the speakers when you are considering a high amount of power on it, which is possible through upgrades. And, the upgrades you are considering are possible due to the Amplifier that you consider with the Car speaker.

2. Provides more defined volume levels

You would not get the defined volume levels from the Car speakers due to the dashboard stereo of a built-in amp. Yes, it’s a genuine scenario that most car speaker buyers don’t understand. However, the use of external Amplifiers never restricts the space scenario of the car. In that case, you will get the volume levels in a more defined way.

3. A Good Amplifer Improves sound quality

When an external amplifier is installed, you can get a cleaner and better power source in the car speakers. In this way, the sound quality of the speakers will also improve for you, which is outstanding.

How do I Match my amp to my car speakers?

Never try to connect the Car speakers with an amp where the amplifier impedance is higher than the speaker. At the same time, it's not problematic for you to connect the speaker with an amplifier with a higher impedance until or unless it can work fine even with the lower impedance speaker.

What size amp do I need for my car speakers?

The Watts RMS should be at least 50 when you are thinking about the size of the amp for a car speaker. You can consider the 75 Watts RMS when the vehicle you are driving comes in the heavier category.

How do I choose an amp for my speakers?

You can choose an amp for a speaker by considering its continuous power rating, around 1.5 to 2 times compared to the speaker. In this way, you can easily ensure the power capabilities of the speakers.

What Amp do I need for four speakers?

A four-channel amp would be the best option for you to consider for four speakers.

How to choose an amplifier for a car subwoofer?

Whenever you consider an amplifier for a car subwoofer, make sure that its total RMS ratings are equal to the amp supply. If the Amp supply is more than the RMS Ratings, you should not consider it for the subwoofer.