7 Best Car Speakers For Bass Without Subwoofer | 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

Best car speakers for bass without subwoofer

Many car owners have different opinions about installing the Audio sound system. There would be many things that they don’t want to include due to their reasons. So, it's not good to curse those things and insist everyone go with the same flow. Many people have asked to have a speaker with the bass and ignore the subwoofers.


Speaker Size



1. Rockford Fosgate P1675

6.75 Inches

3 Way Full Range

2. JBL JTO609C

6.5 Inches

2- Way Component System

3. Kicker 43DSC69304

6x9 Speaker

Coaxial Car Speaker

4. Rockford Fosgate P1650

6.5 Inches

2 Way Full Range

5. JBL GTO629

6.5 Inches

Co-Axial Car Speaker

6. Infinity KAPPA-86CFX

6 * 8

Two Way

Most people would assume it as a wrong decision because nothing can take the place of subwoofers. However, when you have that type of mind and want to do it, many car speakers come with bass and have no subwoofers.

However, choosing them is tricky. You would need to hold the tests and have a lot of experience to select one for yourself. Therefore, this article will let you know about the market’s best car speakers for bass without a subwoofer. We did everything; therefore, you only need to select one from the list mentioned below.

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1. Rockford Fosgate P1675: Best Car Speakers for bass without subwoofer

Our first product on the list is the Rockford Fosgate brand, which is famous worldwide for producing the best quality audio sound system for both Car owners and those who do parties or anything else in their homes and offices. Yes, they have targeted a whole market of different people, helping them do the wonders.


  • 120 Watts Speaker Maximum Output Power.
  • 18.5 (L) x 8 (W) x 5 (H).
  • 6.75 inches Subwoofer Diameter.
  • Surround sound Speaker Type.


  • Adapter Bracket.
  • Butyl Rubber sound.
  • StampCast Basket.
  • Tweeters.
  • Injection-Molded Polypropylene Woofers.

It comes with Maximum Protection and the Best quality sound, so the Developers have introduced you to the Integrated Crossovers in this fantastic product. The crossovers remain hidden inside the basket due to the air-packed concealing onto the crossovers. It’s integrated, which makes more sense of its brilliant performances to provide you with a better sound with the best protection. Moreover, the same feature would help the installation process and give a cleaner look to your Speakers.

Also, the drivers that are supposed to be used in the speakers tend to provide you the best they could for having adequate frequencies.

The distortions of the speakers make the whole experience terrible for the listeners to enjoy the songs while traveling on the roads. Therefore, there need to be any specific ways to adapt to have the best they can. Due to these reasons, Rockford has introduced you to the Injection Molded cone feature in the Speakers. It’s made up of Polypropylene material that is slightly lighter in weight and gives you firmness in the product. Besides that, it helps minimize the distortions of the sound and provides you with the best quality sound.

The better fitting of the car speakers is one of the significant hassles situations for car owners. Every time it makes some issues in the fitting process of the speakers, that pretty much makes the expectations of the users shattered. However, this product that we are talking about comes with Flex Fit2 Basket Design, which complies with European, U.S, and Imported Vehicles standards. In simple words, the speakers will perfectly fit the head unit area without any hurdles. So, the installation process will be more straightforward for you.

The Designing of the speaker is quite sleek and adorable that you will feel appropriate after getting it for the first time in your hands. After mounting the speakers, you will automatically realize what we are talking about regarding its design. There is only one color available for this speaker, which is black. However, it provides you with a better sense of feeling.

Apart from that, the other major components that you will get inside the box include Adapter Plates, Mounting Hardware, Grille, and the Speaker. Moreover, it comes with a frequency response of 65hz – 22Khz, 2.24 mounting depth, and a power handling of 60.

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  • Clear Sound.
  • Outstanding Bass.
  • Reliable.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Quality Construction.


  • Limited Color options.

2. JBL GTO609C Premium


  • Two Way Type.
  • 6-1/2'' Size.
  • 67 Hz-21 kHz Frequency responses.
  • 270W Power Handling.
  • 3 ohms Nominal Impedance.


  • 25 – 270 Watts Power range (Suggested Amplifier).
  • Woofer Cone Technology (Patented Plus One).
  • FRP Frames.
  • Vented Magnet Assemblies.

JBL GTO609C is a fantastic car audio system that has made names in the market due to its brilliant design and powerful sound-playing capabilities. The product that we are talking about has all those crisps, which will allow you to experience the best sound of your life while driving the car on roads and highways.

First of all, these speakers come with a dual-level Tweeter for the users. It helps manage the sound level and is another essential thing that can help you enjoy the music as per your requirements. In other words, it will help you easily adjust the sound of the speakers as per your desires to have a greater sense of music experience within the speakers. Therefore, whatever type of music taste you have will help you enjoy it with the best you can by setting up the sound accordingly.

You will get Free Highs and Smooth Fatigues from these speakers due to their higher power handling and greater heat dissipation. All of this is possible with the help of the voice coils that come with oversizing soft-dome tweeters. Hence, every bit of experience will be worth it for you regarding it. 

Whether you are mounting the Tweeters components on the surface or anywhere else, the flexibility of the speakers will remain optimal for you. It's because of the Patented I-Mount system available in the speakers for you. The same feature will help you out for various other purposes meant to provide you with a better sound while sitting inside the car.

You will have more Bass and air from the speakers because it contains the Carbon-injected Plus one cone. Compared to other speakers, it comes with a bigger size, which allows it to have the same thing we have mentioned at the start of this paragraph.

JBL has done it brilliantly to provide you with clear and robust sound in the car speakers. Yes, you will get approximately the power of 270 Watts from this speaker. Such power will help the listeners feel the highs with the optimal smoothness level you have not expected from the other speakers.

The warping is resistible in these speakers because it comes with FRP frames. Even you are trying to mount them on the unparalleled surfaces, the warping will still never happen into the speakers, which is an astonishing thing. Meanwhile, it comes with a carbon composite that is nonmagnetic. The benefit of this feature is that the heat will never waste from the voice coil due to its magnetic energy handling.


  • Clear and Crispy Sound.
  • Worth it for the price.
  • Quality Construction.
  • Luxurious looks.


  • Bass needs to be slightly better.

3. Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series


  • 1-year warranty.
  • 8.9 Pound Weight.
  • Grille.
  • 92 dB sensitivity.
  • 30 kHz – 20 kHz Frequency.
  • 3.25 inches mounting depth.