5 Best Speakers For Jeep Wrangler

Best speakers for jeep wrangler

The jeep wrangler is a superb vehicle that most people use to drive energizing and enticing experience. Why? Because all of its components and features bring excitement that is not easily manageable for any person to consider. Due to similar reasons, the soundbar system of the Jeep wrangler has to be outstanding.

best speakers for jeep wrangler


Speaker Size



1. Mopar Jeep Wrangler

6.5 Inches


2. Polk Audio MM1

6.5 Inches


3. Kicker 41DSC654

6.5 Inches


4. Infinity REF-6422CFX



5. RockVille Pair 8

8 Inches

Surround Sound

Although the jeep wrangler comes with a factory-installed sound system that is good in quality, including something additional other than the factory-installed system is a much better option. Due to these reasons, we have come here with this article where you will get to know about the five best speakers for jeep wranglers sound bar.

In general, you would get to know about a lot of the speakers for the similar jeep. However, identifying the quality and long-lasting support of the speakers is not that easier. You have to look upon various things to buy a good product. Hence, we are here to let you know about all the best speakers that can help you in the right way.

1. Mopar Jeep Wrangler JK Kicker Speaker Upgrade: Best speakers for jeep wrangler

#1 on our list of best speakers for jeep wrangler is Mopar. The Mopar Jeep wrangler JK Kicker speaker upgrade comes in the corded electric controller type. The benefit of this feature is that the speakers will get a continuous electric control that will bring easiness for the job you want to achieve from it. In terms of the Jeep wrangler sound bar, this feature is intentionally introduced to give better performance.

Apart from that, considering these speakers will never put a lot of burden on the pockets. Meanwhile, you will expect a great upgrade from it, which will bring quality and durability to the product for you. Even a customer was facing distortion issues in the factory-installed speakers. After replacing those speakers with JK Kicker speaker upgrade, the sound quality becomes outstanding with zero distortions.

Besides that, the experts driving Jeep wrangler and have a good quality sound system also suggest installing these speakers on the Jeep sound bar will make a lot of difference compared to the factory-installed speakers.

The speaker provides a loud sound, which will pretty bring up the quality voice and control for the customer when sitting inside the car. Moreover, the installation procedure is way easier, and it would only require less than one hour to do it.

Apart from all of the features, we have discussed above, some of the notable ones included in these speakers are 6.5 inches of door speakers, 150-watt max, and 75 watt RMS. Those of you who are aware of these specifications can easily analyze how amazing their support will be. In the end, the weight of the speakers is around 6 pounds, which is quite lighter. Music lovers should consider buying a Mopar Jeep Wrangler JK Kicker speaker upgrade.

Why Mopar Jeep Wrangler JK Kicker Speaker Upgrade is good for Jeep wrangler?

Some of the features introduced in these speakers are preferably considered by looking towards the components and qualities of the Jeep wrangler. Therefore, it would be good to use them as their ultimate sound system in the jeep wrangler. Apart from that, it comes at affordable rates that should be another ultimate reason for you. Long story short, these are the best speakers for jeep wrangler sound bar.

Reasons to buy these jeep wrangler speakers

  • Easy Installation.
  • Cheap sound bar speaker.
  • Best speakers for jeep wrangler sound bar
  • Light in weight aftermarket speakers.
  • Perfect fit speaker system.
  • Durable jeep wrangler speakers.
  • Louder sound with quality.


  • Customers faced Distortion issues after playing sound on high nodes.

2. Polk Audio MM1 Series: Good speakers for jeep wrangler sound bar

Our second product on the list is the Polk Audio MM1 Series, which has made drastic changes that most car owners have loved a lot. Also, the company itself is famous in the whole world due to its outstanding and quality sound products.

Here, the general specifications of this speaker system are the 600 watts speaker that brings life to your jeep wrangler driving experience. It comes in black color that provides a luxurious look and the woofer speaker type.

If we talk about its design, so the manufacturers have used the Ultramarine certified standards into it. Some of them are the Waterproof inner and outer surrounds, epoxy coated crossovers, reinforced ABS basket, and other major components that can provide easiness to you for getting a waterproof audio system.

The resonant frequencies and distortions will never become a major issue for you now as this product comes with a dynamic balance technology where you will get full range, clean, and rich sound. The advanced high-quality sound is also manageable in this sound system because of meticulously designing and conceived.

The mid-woofer comes with dynamically balanced drivers. Also, it has a size of 6.5 inches, which is quite suitable. The power handling of this product is outstanding as you will get it in between 100 to 300 watts, where 300 is the peak power handling. The speaker's shape is round, which will pretty much make easiness for you to install it in the car.

Apart from the Jeep wrangler, these speakers can easily fit on several other cars. Therefore, you can also replace it on another vehicle if you want to sell a Jeep wrangler in the future. Hence, it can save the cost you would have to spend on speakers for a new vehicle.

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Why Polk Audio MM1 Series is good for Jeep Wrangler?

Polk Audio is a well-known manufacturer of Car sound systems in the whole world. Their products have a considerable amount of quality and other sustainable features. Therefore, considering these speakers will strongly impact Jeep Wrangler if you buy the Audio MM1 series, which comes with advanced features.

Reasons to buy these car speakers 

  • Excellent quality jeep wrangler speakers.
  • Outstanding Power handling and frequency response.
  • Worth it for the money.
  • Outstanding online ratings.
  • Higher Positive review speaker system.


  • Some buyers believe that these jeep speakers have poor quality.

3. Kicker 41DSC654 6-1/2: Best budget speakers for jeep wrangler

Kicker 41DSC654 6-1/2 is an outstanding option for those who are looking for affordable car speakers. The product comes with a very outstanding sound quality that will pretty much match with the jeep wrangler over the class of Jeep wrangler sound bar. Besides that, the mounting options of these speakers are outstanding as well due to their thin profile.

Compared to the factory speakers, you will get outstanding clarity in these speakers. Moreover, you will have a dynamic sound by considering these speakers due to their design in 2-way. A similar feature helps send the lows and midrange to the 6-1/2 and the high notes to the PEI domed Tweeter. Thus, you will perceive the benefit from these speakers because they will never put loads of burdens while playing the music on different quality and combinations. Apart from that, the woofer is made up of Polypropylene Woofer.

The sound quality will blast the whole ride with its outstanding quality as the manufacturers have introduced a high sensitive design. Along with that, a similar feature will pretty much sustain the high volume for you despite you play the songs on the low-powered radios that are factory installed. Besides that, these speakers come with grilles.

Those worried about the warranty will have to be happy as it comes with a company-guided warranty. Yes, the 60-day money-back guarantee will ensure that the product is outstanding and can be replaceable upon its poor quality.

Why Kicker 41DSC654 6-1/2 is good for Jeep Wrangler?

The sound clarity of these speakers is outstanding, which pretty much makes a strong reason for everyone who has a jeep wrangler to install it as the primary sound system. Meanwhile, it has different sound sending nodes for higher and lower intensity, which is another great reason for buying the product.


  • Good Sound Quality door speakers.
  • Handles the high and lower notes effectively.
  • Easy to Install jeep wrangler speakers.
  • Extended quality.
  • Best speaker system for jeep wrangler


  • Not Durable (Customer Review).

4. Infinity REF-6422cfx

Infinity is a well-known brand that has made a huge name in the industry due to its outstanding sound systems that provide a great sense of clarity. Without facing any harsh sound, you can easily play desired songs that attain textile dome tweeters with perfect balance. So, the whole sound experience will become a lot better and enchanting for you.

Besides its sound clarity and balanced performance, you will get a big sound out of the speakers because the manufacturers have introduced big woofers. Although the speaker comes in a smaller size, however, the speakers' performance will never make you feel worse due to its hi-roll rubber surrounds.

It comes with a larger cone on both woofers, bringing high and smooth accuracy that delivers a great punch to the listener.

Having a speaker in a jeep wrangler is no more than a blessing if it perfectly matches every power supply. The product we have mentioned here comes with an RMS power of 45 Watts. Yes, they have great matching capabilities with the aftermarket stereo or factory radio. Also, it works pretty well with the external amplifier. Apart from that, the speakers will have an impedance of around 4-ohm, making the entire experience a lot better due to its more volume sound system.

You have to use the factory-installed grilles with these speakers as it doesn’t come with an additional grille. The top-mount depth of these speakers is around 1-3/4, which is pretty much adequate. Along with that, you will get a one-year warranty on the product that also gives a strong support system in terms of quality assurance and other major factors.

Let say you didn’t like the product; in such cases, you have the audacity to return it within 60 working days with a money back.

Why Infinity REF-6422cfx is good for Jeep wrangler?

Infinity is also a well-known brand like Polk Audio, whose products are in demand and have good quality features. Therefore, it would be a great decision if you consider them for jeep wrangler sound bar. Moreover, the sound balancing and quality are also tremendous, which is also a major reason for buying these speakers.


  • A better option than factory-installed speakers.
  • Good quality Build door speakers.
  • Versatile and 4 ohm impedance.
  • Outstanding sound quality.
  • Good for Jeep wrangler sound bar. 
  • Perfect Fit.


  • Not easier to install.

5. Rockville Pair 8

Our final product for the list of best speakers for jeep wrangler is Rockville Pair 8 speakers that come with a total of 600 watts. These speakers are made as fully marinized, which means that every unit you will purchase of this series is quite resistant against the fresh and salty water conditions. Besides that, a similar feature helps you consider these speakers an outstanding option to fight against humidity.

When it’s prone to humidity, you should understand that a similar product will provide you with rust-free capabilities. The terminals of these speakers are covered up with gaskets that are made up of rubber.

The brackets are of nylon, whosfe mounting capabilities are adjustable. It means you will have the option to install it wherever you think it’s preferable in your jeep wrangler. Apart from that, it does come with a two-way crossover network. Also, a similar feature comes as built-in.

The RMS ratings tell by the manufacturers for these speakers are true. In other words, it doesn’t come up with any exaggeration. But other competitor’s speakers do claim the same thing without any assurance.

For RMS, these speakers are up to 200 watts and 300 watts when it was on peak. In general, 500 watts are equal to around 200 watts RMS. Hence, you can easily analyze it by yourself.

As said earlier, these speakers come with marine-grade components; therefore, you will attain a considerable amount of safety and quality from them. Whatever would be the condition, these speakers will remain optimal in terms of performance. However, a similar feature would make it quite expensive compared to other speakers we talked about so far.

You can easily accommodate thicker mounting bars with these speakers as it comes with ¼ mounting screw, which is quite longer than others. As it has wakeboard towers on boats, therefore, you will find these speakers as the best for installing on the jeep wrangler.

Why Rockville Pair 8 is good for Jeep wrangler?

The Rockville pair 8 is one of the best speakers compared to others we have talked about due to its marine-grade technology. Yes, you will get optimal performance from these speakers with long-lastingness and resistible qualities. Although it's expensive, the following qualities pretty much compensate for its price.


  • Crystal clear and loud.
  • Worth the value.
  • Good size and mounting hardware .
  • Outstanding sound quality.
  • Long-lasting.


  • Cheap plastic is used (Customer Review).

Buying Guide on best Speakers for Jeep wrangler

A girl on jeep wrangler

If we talk about the most popular jeep globally, the Jeep Wrangler comes in the top 10 spots. Yes, the true car lovers in the world do appreciate and love the jeep wrangler a lot. Due to its user-friendly and iconic design, most people always try to buy it at any cost. However, this vehicle's components and other important features are also a notable reason for people to buy it.

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As this jeep has a lot of importance in the market, the speakers you should have to buy for the same vehicle need to be outstanding. While it has a lot of importance, possibilities are higher that you will get loads of speakers that fit well and provide outstanding benefits. However, you have to choose the speakers wisely and carefully. Some of the important features need to be overlooked in the right way before buying them.

In this article, we will discuss the definitive buying on speakers that is preferable for jeep wranglers sound bar. So, you have to read the whole article till the end. So without wasting any further time, let’s talk about it below.

1. which Company makes best speakers for jeep wrangler?

Before buying the best Speakers for jeep wrangler sound bar, you have to be pretty much sure about the list of companies that are providing top-quality speakers for the jeep wrangler. This is because Google has similar terms on Google, and you will get to know about considerable brands dealing with similar speaker types.

Apart from that, you can also touch the local market and go through the list of speakers offering by different manufacturers. It will tell you about the differences between all the manufacturers’ speakers in detail. Based on that, it will become easier for you to consider the one that suits your budget and provide a better quality along with easier mounting capabilities.

2. Size Selection of jeep wrangler sound bars

After getting the idea of the list of manufacturers available in the market, the next step will be to consider the sizes. In general, speakers comes with different components, structure, types, and sizes. Therefore, these are the most important things that you have to consider before buying the speakers.

It would help if you considered these things because it will help you better make the best decision. Whether you need a full-range or other type of speaker, the idea has to be in your mind throughout the time. After that, the speaker type needs to be initialized. Also, it has to be pre-understood that you either need the component set complete or individually.

There are different components, including Tweeter and woofers, that come along with the audio system. Therefore, you have to be able to understand all of it. Along with that, identifying the speakers' adequate size will help you easily fit them inside the Jeep. It’s not possible that you can mount oversize speakers that easily into the jeep. Also, the lower sizes will make a strong issue for you, which also needs to be considered.

3. Power Handling Capabilities

Different customers have different needs for sound play in their speakers. Therefore, the power handling capabilities of the speakers tend to change with each other. Therefore, if you consider the best speaker for jeep wrangler, you should understand the type of music and the sound you will usually consider listening to the songs. In this way, things will get a bit easier for you when selecting the speakers for the jeep wrangler.

Besides that, the compatibility of the speakers needs to be well connected. Without adequate compatibility, it will become a troubling experience for you, in the end, to attain adequate results out of it.

When considering the power handling capabilities, you have to consider the RMS at a maximum amount. In that case, things will become a lot realistic for you.

Understanding of the Different Types of Speakers

Analyzing the Speaker types is another important thing at the time of buying it for Jeep wrangler. In the market, you will get to know about different types such as Component and Coaxial speakers. Therefore, you should need to be aware of it in the best way possible. For your convenience, we are discussing a little bit about all of them.

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Dog on the jeep

1. Component Speakers for jeep wrangler

When you prefer the speakers' best quality, you should consider the component speaker type. Such a speaker type comes with an external crossover that manages the low and high frequencies for the drivers you install. Apart from that, these speakers come with separate woofers and tweeters.

One important thing that you need to know here is that majority of the speakers for this type don’t allow the tweeter mounts. But, the installation of speakers tends to be in a similar location, just where the original speakers were installed. However, the installation process of Component speakers is a bit tricky, and hiring an expert for it would be an adequate option for you. But, on the other hand, these speaker types are a bit expensive.

2. Why Coaxial Speakers are best speakers for jeep wrangler?

 Let's say you want to install a new speaker on the Jeep wrangler by replacing the existing factory-installed speaker. It will be the best option for you to consider the coaxial speakers. These are the type of speakers that works in the best way for you in terms of quality and mounting.

The best thing about these speakers is that it comes with all the major other components at a single place. Like, the tweeter and woofer will also come inside it. Therefore, you will get it at many reasonable prices compared to the Component speaker. Within the coaxial speaker, you have to choose the 2-way type that comes with a tweeter. A similar type provides you a better tone, which is an outstanding thing.

Apart from that, coaxial speaker type comes in different prices, qualities, sizes, and shapes. Therefore, it will become a more versatile option for you to consider the one that fits your vehicle without any hurdle. Also, it helps you to consider the one that brings you a better quality. Coaxial are the best speakers for jeep wrangler.

3. The Components

When buying Speakers for Jeep wrangler sound bar, the components consideration also makes significant importance for you throughout the time. Remember, speakers of different brands will never remain the same. The parts always tend to be different; even you get two different speakers in the same sizes.

Therefore, it’s a best practice to consider the options that you are looking for or have in your mind. Whether you want a crossover or the woofer in the speaker? Whether you want to consider both or go with one option? All of this needs to be fully understood before buying the speaker.

Apart from that, the material you are considering for the components are best in quality or not? Whether it offers you long-lasting or less-lasting results. All of this has to be sorted out for the component side before buying the product.

4. Mobility of the jeep wrangler Speakers

As a jeep wrangler speaker buyer, you should need to purchase by considering the mobility of the speakers. You always wanted to buy a speaker that can easily fit inside the jeep wrangler without any hurdles.

In that case, you need to understand that all the speakers cannot offer you the easiness of installation. So when mobility is concerned, you should consider the tweeters pivoting to bring you the best outcomes in the end.

Let say you plan to mount the speakers on every corner of the car; in that case, you have to utilize the space perfectly. On the other hand, you might make the mind to remove the factory-installed speakers old with the new ones. In that case, the best option available in front of you is the component speaker type.

Besides that, the selection of 3-way and 2-way also makes importance throughout the time, which generally makes a strong impact for you. Long story short, make sure you buy speakers for jeep that fit perfectly.

5. The covering Materials should be considered when buying best speakers for jeep wrangler

Apart from considering the speakers' sizes, components, and mobility, another important thing that you have to consider is the covering material. Remember, the speakers' good sound quality and effectiveness are always linked with the cover used on the woofers and other components of the speakers.

When you compromise on the quality of covering material and buy the low-price product, things will become a bit troubling for you in the end. Besides that, considering poor quality covering material makes the woofer bounded relate to its movements that later raise sound quality issues for you. Due to these reasons, you will get frustrated and would also consider buying newer ones. Therefore, you should effectively consider the covering material that can provide good quality and not raise any reasons to purchase another one to save the investment.

Besides that, the good quality covering material also enables you to use the speakers without worrying about the conditions. Intense temperature and humidity generally affect the performance and quality of the speakers. Therefore, you have to be pretty much sure about selecting it in the right way.

Driving jeep

6. The quality of the Sound

Sound quality is another major consideration that you have to make before buying the speakers. In general, the priority of buying speakers for the jeep wrangler is to get various sounds and ranges. Hence, it will only come out perfectly when you have set up higher standards for purchasing good sound quality speakers. However, when you do it in the right way, the investments you have made will bring you adequate results in the end.

7. Compatibility

As a Jeep Wrangler owner, your priorities for the sound system will never remain with other owners who have the same vehicle. Therefore, you should consider the speakers' compatibility attributes before buying them for the vehicle.

Some people want to do experiments; therefore, they tend to develop new and trending things. For that reason, it’s always mandatory to consider the speakers that work best for the same needs and demands.

Moreover, the compatibility of the speakers also matches with the vehicle you own when you have a clear understanding of the sizes, Make, model, and other attributes.

8. Weather resistance 

Go for the car speakers that are weather resistant. In rain, water can find its way into the car and may damage the car speakers. So, you should go for the speakers that are waterproof and weather resistant.

9. The Price tag of best speakers for jeep wrangler

Considering the budget is another important thing at the time of buying the speakers for the jeep wrangler. You can’t make the decisions on a random basis as it will never give you the adequate results that you are demanding since the early time.

Apart from that, it would help if you understood that the speaker's sound effectiveness doesn’t directly connect with the speaker's cost. Therefore, you should always consider the speaker's purposes for yourself is the major consideration for you at the end of the day to attain positive and quality results.

Also, the higher-budget speakers don’t need to fulfill your needs and desires for the sound system. Therefore, you should initialize the budget before buying the speakers. Hence, the capabilities and components you will get on a similar budget will become quite interesting and compatible for you to make the final decision.

red jeep wrangler with speakers


What size are speakers in a jeep wrangler?

This is the standard size of the speakers that mount in the Jeep wrangler sound bar. On this site, you will get connectivity and input. Also, the weather resistance properties and subwoofer come within a similar size.

What is the best sound system for a jeep wrangler?

  1. 1
    Rockford Fosgate R14X2 Prime Full range speakers.
  2. 2
    Kicker Car Audio 4 Coaxial 300W Peak, Full range speakers.
  3. 3
    Easy Mount Waterproof Rollbar Speakers.
  4. 4
    JBL Stage3 527 Two-way audio speakers.
  5. 5
    Mopar Jeep Wrangler JK Kicker sound bar.
  6. 6
    VDP Six Speakers Overhead Upholstered Sound bar.

What are the best speakers to put in a jeep?

Buying the best speakers for jeep is anything but easy. Mopar JK Kicker speakers are considered the best speaker for the jeep. Why? Because it comes at an affordable price and provides premium sound quality to the vehicle owners. Besides that, the build quality of the speakers is also amazing, which makes them durable.

Do jeep wranglers have good speakers?

The speakers use from the factory side in jeep wranglers are good in quality. However, you can increase the speakers' performance by considering a lot better audio system with it. With that, the audio performance of the speaker will optimize for you.