Why Does My Bluetooth Speaker Keep Disconnecting In 2022

Why does my Bluetooth speaker keep disconnecting?

Technology is changing every day, and every user is expecting something new from it, which is quite amazing in terms of better experiences. If we talk about the old times, there were no speakers without wires; however, you can now purchase wireless speakers in the market. Not only that, it comes with several unique and excellent functionalities.

Why does my Bluetooth speaker keep disconnecting

The fantastic thing about Bluetooth speakers is connecting them anywhere without hurdles. However, sometimes, people would have to face connection issues, which tends to be a very pathetic situation. Due to these reasons, we have come up with an article to learn why the Bluetooth speaker keeps disconnecting easily. So, let’s talk about it in detail.

List of Reasons that keep disconnecting your Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth technology has been introduced to this world for a long time. It works upon transferring the data from one medium to another without wires. In the Bluetooth world, it’s called the pairing method, which connects with several devices such as headphones, keyboards, phones, and speakers. But, what are the common disconnecting Bluetooth speakers reasons? Let's discuss it in detail.

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Power Issues

Most of the time, a person would be looking to connect with the Bluetooth speakers, but it keeps disconnecting. The primary reason behind this would be the low power of the Bluetooth speakers, or it would be a major power issue. The wireless speakers come with both battery-powered and socket-powered connections.

In both cases, you need to ensure that the Bluetooth speaker is getting the adequate power required for the pairing purpose.

Many Devices connected

You would have to connect someone else device with the Bluetooth speaker. Now, that device is still connected to the speaker. It would become harder for you not to easily connect the Bluetooth speakers with the smart device in such a case. Yes, it used to be happening a lot, and you need to figure it out at least once.

Longer Distance

Bluetooth technology connects with the help of signals. If we talk about signal-based connected devices, it contains a standard length for connection purposes. In other words, you would have to connect the Bluetooth speakers with other devices under the given connection range. If you exceed those ranges, it will become harder to connect the Bluetooth speaker with other devices.

You can assume the example by considering the Wi-Fi signals. After exceeding the signal limitations, it would not be possible for you to connect with the Wi-Fi device. A similar thing happens with Bluetooth-supported speakers.

Issues of Software compatibility

Software compatibility is another primary reason for the Bluetooth speakers to keep disconnecting from other smart devices, which are common reasons. In simple words, we are trying to say that most of the older software on the Bluetooth speakers makes it impossible for them to connect effortlessly. Therefore, the use of new software must be an adequate solution. You can go to different software provider’s shops to update the Bluetooth speakers with new software.

The interference of other devices

If you have a Bluetooth speaker that is not set up with any password and you are connecting it in a rush place, then the issue of disconnecting will occur with you. Generally, when several Bluetooth-supported devices come under the range of a Bluetooth speaker, it becomes harder for you to connect to it easily.

In that case, you would experience that the Bluetooth speaker will disconnect your device every time. So, it would help if you made sure that it needs to be connected in advance before you get into a rushing surrounding.

Unsupported Files issues

The unsupported files issues have never become a significant reason for the Bluetooth speakers disconnecting with other devices. However, it would be an excellent option to consider the same thing as a significant issue to resolve it efficiently. If you have a new file type that you want to play, make sure to read about its supporting information for the type of Bluetooth speakers you are using. If it contains issues, you need to change the file type or convert it to the supported one.

Physical damage

It’s possible that the Bluetooth speakers you are using fall from space directly to the surface, and its Bluetooth device keeps making issues in the connection time. Well, such experiences usually occur with the device, and you need to make sure that the Bluetooth speaker you are using should not be physically damaged.

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How to Resolve Bluetooth Speaker keep Disconnecting issue?

Well, you would be using the Bluetooth speakers to play music or movie directly from your mobile, PC, or laptop. If you are facing any issues with the connection phase, you have several options to consider resolving the issue. So, let’s talk about the important methods in the below sections.


Most of the time, the issue of disconnection with the Bluetooth speaker exists in your mobile device. Therefore, you need to make sure that the device is working fine. If that happens, you won’t face any issues anymore.

The reason for restarting your mobile device, Laptop, or PC is because it reboots the whole system that is working inside it. If any significant thing keeps resisting the devices to not connecting, the restart process will make it easier for you to quickly re-connect with the device. You can restart the mobile, Laptop, or PC by following the desired methods that work with it. After that, reconnect the device with the Bluetooth speaker, and you will see some improvement in the connections.


Most of the time, people don’t look after the list of updates that appears on their smart devices, Laptops, or PC’s. These updates come to improve your device experiences and let you enjoy every new thing with its core functionalities. If you don’t update the device, it becomes impossible for them to connect with other devices due to the extra load.

Therefore, try to update your device every time it asks you for it. If you haven’t seen any update message, go to the software update section of the device and ensure that it’s properly updated. Based on that, you can easily connect the Bluetooth speakers with smart devices.


Sometimes a significant issue in the mobile phone becomes the possible reason your Bluetooth speaker can’t connect with it. In that case, you have the option to reset your mobile and to enjoy all of the settings from scratch, just like it used to be in the first time. You would do the same with a PC or Laptop by installing new windows. The new settings will sometimes resolve the issues for you.

Different type of Devices has other Reset procedures. Therefore, you can easily follow any of them for your mobile, PC, or laptop.

Check out the Bluetooth speaker

If everything is fine from your Mobile, Laptop, or PC, you need to look upon the Bluetooth speaker. Sometimes, the issues in the Bluetooth speakers create disconnecting problems. Therefore, you need to pair the Bluetooth speaker with someone else device. If it’s not connecting with other devices, you have already found the major problem in the Bluetooth speaker, and you need to resolve it instead of juggling with the smart device settings.

How do I stop my Bluetooth speaker from disconnecting?

  1. 1
    You can go with the Bluetooth troubleshooting feature, which can easily tell you about a significant issue.
  2. 2
    You should update all Bluetooth drivers and ensure that the drivers are new.
  3. 3
    Sometimes the re-installation of Bluetooth drivers also helps you resolve the issues.
    Restart your Bluetooth service.
  4. 4
    The power setting needs to be changed for the solution purpose.

Why does my phone keep disconnecting from my Bluetooth speaker?

The majority of the time, when your smart device is not under the range of Bluetooth speakers, it always shows disconnecting problems. Therefore, you need to ensure that the Bluetooth device is under the desired range. Another major reason for the Bluetooth speakers to keep showing disconnection problems is the minimal charging capabilities. Yes, when the battery power of the Bluetooth speakers is low, it is used to show issues of disconnection with the device.

If you are not juggling between these two issues, you will never face any disconnecting issue from the Bluetooth speaker's end.

Why does my Bluetooth keep disconnecting?

  1. 1
    Sometimes low power or battery low Bluetooth speakers make disconnecting problems; therefore, you need to check it out.
  2. 2
    The physical damage also makes a major issue with the Bluetooth speaker not easily connecting with other devices. If your Bluetooth speaker is physically damaged, you will also face the disconnecting issue.
  3. 3
    Try to make sure that other Bluetooth-supported devices are not connected with your Bluetooth speakers; it also makes the same disconnecting issue.
  4. 4
    You need to make sure that the Bluetooth speaker is not exceeding the signal range. If that happens, you will face disconnecting issues.
  5. 5
    The outdated Softwares of Bluetooth speakers sometimes also become a significant problem of constant disconnections. Therefore, you need to ensure that it's equipped with updated software.