Sonos Arc Vs Bose 700 Speakers: Ending The Debate! 2022

Sonos Arc Vs Bose 700: Complete Comparison

Sonos Arc Speakers 
  • The Sonos Arc comes with a fantastic feature of making your time enjoyable and boring-free by providing the controls through apple airplay, Sonos app, Voice, TV remote, and many more. Therefore, you would have a lot to experience from it.
  • The tuning technology of this soundbar is enhanced where you will get the sound in an optimizing way based upon the room where you have placed it. In simple words, it will automatically bring you the uniqueness of voice depending upon the room.
  • The Voice Controlling of the soundbar is another fantastic thing that will make you love this product. Yeah, you can easily set alarms, check the news, and play music on this soundbar with your voice. These features are pretty interesting, making it a good choice.
Bose 700 Speaker
  • The first fantastic feature of Bose Soundbar 700 is the Connectivity technology. Here, you can easily opt for the Wi-Fi solution to connect the Soundbar with an intelligent device such as your phone, TV, Laptop, or PC.
  • In the Bose soundbar, you will also get a built-in Alexa feature. Not only that, but you will also have the Google Assistant options. Therefore, you can play anything you want with the voice using these two crucial voice AI features.
  • You can control the Bose soundbar with the ways such as context-sensitive universal remote, bose music app, and your voice. So, it will set up a whole new experience and amazingness in your mind for this product.

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Sonos Arc Sound system

1. Sound quality of sons arc

If we talk about Sonos arc, the sound quality and balancing that are natural tend to be lacking with these speakers. Therefore, you only have the choice to watch tv shows and movies over it without any hurdles. The soundbar is not that worthy of playing high-note music. Overall, the sound quality is not that bad for genral use.

2. Connectivity options in Sonos Arc

Sonos arc has only the HDMI connectivity option for the users; therefore, the users who love wired connections would find it brilliant to connect the soundbar with the HDMI cable option.

3. Appearance 

The appearance point of view suggests that the Sonos arc comes with a techno finishing that gives the user a modern and smooth look. IF you are the type of person who wants such an appearance, you should go for it.

4. sound performance

The features perspectives make the Sonos Arc a soundbar, one step ahead in the competition. The sound enhancements in the soundbar are nominal. Therefore, those looking for a better sound enhancement would find it the best option. You can play the new programs on the Sonos Arc soundbar, such as the Netflix shows

The prices of Sonos arc are slightly lower in the market. It offers Dolby Digital Plus And Dolby Atmos which is best for sound quality. However, the features it provides are considerably good. 

2. Bose Soundbar 700

1. Stereo Quality of Bose 700

The bose Soundbar 700 is a fantastic option for those specifically looking for a product to play music and enjoy every bit of it. Yes, the bose soundbar provides better clarity and outstanding stereo quality balancing in the product for the same reasons.

2. Connectivity options 

The bose Soundbar 700 comes with an advanced connectivity type for the customers. Yes, it's pretty good for the current era. The Bose soundbar will be a good option as it has the Wi-Fi connectivity type, which is pretty cool.

3. Design 

Bose soundbar 700 comes with a rectangular design where you will feel the traditional sleekness and the finishing of premium glassy. Therefore, anyone demanding such appearances should get the Bose soundbar 700 for themselves.

4. Additional Features 

The bose Soundbar 700 doesn't give you more in terms of the features required at the current time. Yeah, you would only get a stereo sound system from the product. Besides that, there would be no other type of programs that used to be played on the soundbar these days on the Bose soundbar. It also offers Dolby Atmos surround sound which is great for movie lovers and gamers.

Bose soundbar 700 is more costly in the market; however, their prices are pretty similar to the Sonos arc, which doesn’t make any prior reason to give it more priority than Sonos arc

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Sonos arc review: bose soundbar 700 vs sonos arc

Sonos is a well-known brand in the market that has made its name by providing reliable and problem-solving products today and in the past. Therefore, the believing capabilities of the customers will never shatter throughout the time whenever it comes to Sonos Arc. So, let’s begin talking in detail about the product in the below paragraphs.

The developers of Sonos Arc made it quite adequate for the users to enjoy better designing features through its fantastic build. It’s specifically ideal for those genuinely looking to use it for bigger TVs than smaller ones. Yeah, the new era is all about bigger screens, and the use of compact size devices is now slowly ending. Therefore, that aspect makes it an excellent option to use it yourself. The wideness of the Sound Arc soundbar is more than a 49 inch TV. Therefore, you would have it for the TV that comes with 55-inches wideness.

If we talk more about the design of the Sound Arc bar, so the developers have offered you two different Mounting options in it. Like there are people who either mount the TVs to the wall or put it on the table, this device offers both. However, you will get a better sound from the soundbar if mounted over the wall.

Sonos Arc has come in two color options for the customers: White and Black. The use of both colors is good as it gives you a sleek and stylish look. The detailing of the Sonos arc soundbar color is fantastic, which makes it a worthier option for you.

They have not provided the Remote with the Soundbar because you have first to connect the soundbar with the TV and then use the TV remote to use the Soundbar. It’s pretty amazing because you don’t have to juggle between multiple remotes to open your favorite channels and enjoy it. Also, they have provided the option of controlling your favorite movies and TV shows by downloading the mobile app with Sonos S2, which will help you as a remote.

The Sonos Arc does come with a good quality build, which is made up of Plastic. Yes, you will get a sturdy and solid feel from the material that ensures its usages for pretty much every type of situation. The developers have created the Grilles for the soundbar to cover the sides and front part of the bar. It will give you proper protection. That’s the primary reason; holding it to the hands will provide you with a well-made and heavier type feel.

It comes with a curvy design that makes the look of the Soundbar pretty unique and meaningful for the customers. A similar feature will make you amazed at its first glance.

The features section of the Sonos arc tells us the very first thing about this Soundbar that comes with the connectivity options of a single HDMI port. Yes, it’s a stylish and sleek soundbar that comes with wired connections. There are no other connectivity options available in the soundbar; therefore, those looking to connect the soundbar with the wires will like this product. However, the advancements come with the remote system, where you can use your TV remote to access TV shows or Movies. Also, their smartphone app can help you to do several activities like playing a movie or anything else as a remote from your smart devices.

The Sonos arc is famous among users because its streaming apps provide versatile options to the customers. Yes, you would get more than 25 apps on this speaker, which is quite enough for you to watch. Some famous apps include Apple TV, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and many more. Therefore, the entertainment will remain constant for you while using this soundbar with your TV.

The Frequency response of the Sonos Arc is pretty good for you. It comes with the lowest of 47.6 Hz and the highest of 19.9 kHz. It’s pretty good in various terms; therefore, you will have the best out of it. It can provide a bright sound profile due to its neutral soundbar, which is quite impressive. You would find that the low-bass reproduction will be relatively harder at the start. However, after updating the software versions, everything will be better. Also, it comes with room correction features for the customers, which is only liable for those of the users who are using the iOS devices. The ones using Android or other types of devices will never have similar experiences.

The Stereo dynamics of the Sonos Arc soundbar are impressive. Here, you can get a louder voice that quickly fills up the entire room. So, you will never have that issue with the product at all. Although it can provide higher volume, you will face clarity issues at the time of audio production. So, it would be the most important thing to keep in mind.

The Sonos Arc comes with three tweeters and eight woofers. It provides better media audio and music playing capabilities inside the room. The eight woofers join together and provide you with the best bass response. It offers you good Crisps in the sound with the help of the three tweeters that are installed inside. Therefore, the controlling level will be pretty impressive for you.

Apart from that, you need to know some other important things when buying the Sonos Arc. First of all, you have to go for it if you used it in the past. Secondly, you need to buy a soundbar to have a sound system with the simplest surrounds. Thirdly, it’s the best option for you to buy when looking to get a better and enhanced sound system in the room.

Reasons to buy sonos arc

  • Supports Atmos.
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Good Built-Design.
  • Quality Construction.
  • Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Atmos.
  • Dynamic.
  • Weighty and Detailed.

Reasons To avoid Sonos Arc

  • No full EQ.

Bose 700 review : Sonos Arc Vs Bose Soundbar 700:

If you are the type of person who is really into listening to music and enjoys it to the core, then Bose 700 would be the type of Soundbar that will work well for you. It has so much to offer you, making the whole listening experience worth it. So, let's begin talking about Bose 700 in detail in the below paragraphs.

Starting from the build Quality of Bose Soundbar 700, it comes with excellent choices for the customers. So that they would never have to face any issues at all, the build quality is not limited to its construction, but you will have a radiant look as well from the product. Although it’s made up of plastic, the quality of the plastic is quite good, which can easily bear any situation without any hurdles. On the other hand, the glass plates cover the top area of the Bose Soundbar 700, which can help restrict the dust from entering the soundbar and keep it reasonable in quality throughout the time.

Many people have some significant distractions and annoying experiences regarding designing the product. We have to talk about the glass plates in the above paragraph; basically, it gets the Fingerprints whenever you touch them. So, those fingerprints then reflect on the screens. When watching the TV, you will see that thing as a significant distraction due to its reflection.

The Bose Soundbar 700 is pretty good for a TV with 55 or 45 inches of screen sizes. These sizes are pretty good to look at with the Width of the Bose soundbar 700. For smaller or compact size TVs, the width would not be that suitable to look good. However, there will be no issues regarding its performance and usages with the small TVs. It all depends upon your preferences. You can read about Bose Vs JBL speaker here.

The company has included minimal controls over the device. Yes, there would be significant reasons the company doesn’t want to juggle the user between different controls. Therefore, they have only included a muting and power button into the soundbar. So, you can control everything with these two buttons. The rest of the functions are controlled through the remote.

The Device is created with a mindset to offer you everything in the best and the easiest way possible. Yes, the developers of this product have included the setup simply with the help of the official Bose Music app. It’s available for both Android and iOS users. Whether you need to know about the connectivity option or juggling between various things, everything is available to this app, where you can learn a lot.

The Bose Soundbar 700 remote is making the discussions in the market. It has been made with love for the customers. You will get the rubber finishing in the product where the button press will give you a fantastic feeling that has never been experienced before in other remotes. Apart from that, it does come with motion sensor capabilities that will also make its usage brilliant for you when you hold it for the first time. In simple words, holding it in your hands would give you a luxurious feel.

We talked about the Sonos Arc, where the connectivity options were limited to HDMI cables or wired connections. However, the Bose soundbar 700 is the type of product with Wi-Fi connectivity options. Yes, you don’t need to connect the soundbar with the TV through the wires. All you need is to use the Wi-Fi connection. Hence, the look of the wall where you mounted it or placed it on the countertop will remain minimalistic and sleek. 

The Frequency response of Bose Soundbar 700 is around 53.4 Hz to its lower and 19.6 kHz to its higher extension. It’s fantastic to have such an amount of frequency response to enjoy something better. The soundbar comes with a neutral and well-balanced Sound profile, which helps you to have different types of amazing experiences on various audios. 

If you watch movies over this soundbar, the experience will not get as deep. The tempting experiences are not possible with the film you watch over this device. So, it’s a big no for you if you consider it for the same reasons. However, you would have a better experience by playing the movies only when you buy an additional sub with the device. The subs can improve your bass, which will bring you an inviting audio feel.

The dialogues' reproduction when you listen to it from the audio and video will give a brilliant feel. Why? Because the device has a center speaker installed on it. Also, it comes with the setup 3.0 versions, which makes the whole performance excellent for you. Moreover, you will expect more clarity in the sound due to the well-balanced mid-range available in the product for you.

The Audio Format support of the Bose Sound Bar 700 is quite impressive and worth knowing before making the buying decisions. It comes with eARC technology, which is fascinating and worthy right now. DTS and Dolby Digital Encoded sound surrounding configure the speaker’s bar. On various streaming applications, you will get the facilities of Dolby Digital; therefore, it’s a worthy decision to have it as your soundbar. A better sound experience is not that immersive for the users while using the Bose Soundbar. Consequently, you have to compromise on that point.

The wireless playback feature of the Bose Soundbar 700 makes it a better option for the user compared to Sonos arc. The wireless playback support means you can use the tablet or smartphone to play music on the soundbar with the help of Bluetooth technology. Later on, you can use Bluetooth technology to connect it through the Wi-Fi network or the Apple airplay for the live cast. So, these options will be meaningful for you to the core.

Reasons To Buy bose 700

  • Easy to Set up and fantastic sound quality.
  • Good quality construction.
  • The sound profile is amazing.
  • Super surround sound capabilities.
  • Top-notch Remote.
  • Dolby Digital
  • The sound stage front is big.

Reasons To avoid Bose 700

  • Reflective Top that causes distractions.

Is Sonos Arc better than Bose 700?

The Sonos Arc is slightly lower in performance than the Bose Soundbar 700. The reasons are few to this statement as a person's top priority is versatility in terms of sound experience. Sonos arc comes with better support for only movies and TV shows, but not for the songs played on a higher note. However, Bose soundbar 700 can provide you with better performances when listening to the songs. Also, using an additional sub will make it reasonable to get better sound experiences from the Movies and TV shows. So fingers are crossed for Sonos Arc.

Which soundbar is better than Bose 700?

Remember, we have talked about the additional sub that needs to be used for Bose soundbar 700 to have a better sound experience with songs, Movies, and Tv shows. A better soundbar in the market can provide you with a brilliant sound response for both purposes. Yes, we are talking about the Samsung HW-Q80R. It's considered the best soundbar compared to the bose 700. It never shows distortions or sound clarity issues on a high volume. Along with that, the soundbar comes with an improvised bass.

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Is the Bose 700 Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is the technology that is used in the Bose SoundBar 900. That's what all of us heard about in the news. Therefore, it isn’t right to say that bose 700 has Dolby Atmos. However, it comes with the google assistant and Amazon Alexa voice features, which control all things through the voice. The sound quality is good for personal use.


Many things are discussed in the article about Sonos Arc and Bose Sound Bar 700. Therefore, it would quickly help anybody make a difference between these two products. However, there is still the need for appropriate conclusions to help you understand the whole thing in an easier way.

In the article, we have tried to say two main things: using the soundbar for music or other leisure activities like watching movies and TV Shows. Here, you need to understand that both of them cannot provide you with a better sound experience in one way.

The Sonos Arc is specifically suitable for those who spent time on TV watching movies and Films. It’s the kind of soundbar that provides outstanding support for the same reasons. However, you wouldn’t get a good experience listening to the music on this soundbar because it doesn’t provide better support for that.

On the other hand, the Bose soundbar 700 gives you an outstanding experience with the TV's music. However, you won’t get a better experience using it for movies or TV shows.

If you are looking for a Soundbar that brings both experiences the same way, you can consider the Bose soundbar 700. You can buy an additional sub and use it with a soundbar. In this way, you can enjoy the movies, TV shows, and music with a better sound experience.