How To Use FM Radio In A Bluetooth Speaker

How to use FM Radio in a Bluetooth Speaker

FM radio is one outstanding Fascination of the older times that has helped a lot of the people to kill their boredom with interesting shows in the night times. Yes, you would consider it the older way of audio podcasts where people used to follow the show's timing every day or week and listen to it.

Although FM Radio has decreased in the past few years, many people still have the same obsessions to use this technology. Therefore, the Options of FM Radio are still available in the market.

How To Use FM Radio In A Bluetooth Speaker

Yes, even the FM radio is playable on to the Bluetooth speakers that are the latest technologies. Many people who are geek travelers or hikers have these types of questions in the forums that whether they can connect the FM Radio or use it in a Bluetooth speaker or not? Well, the answer to this question is already said yes in the above paragraphs.

However, the question that arises here is how to use the FM radio with a Bluetooth Speaker. That’s something everyone is in the queue to understand. So today, we are going to talk about it in detail.

Different Ways to Use FM Radio in a Bluetooth Speaker

The FM Radio has now called it the Internet Radio since the internet radio functionalities have emerged to the whole world. In other words, now the radio companies are focusing on the FM old versions and hosting the live streaming to the Internet connections, which is the Internet Radio.

The reason for considering the new Internet Radio options is because the whole world has changed now. People are more into the latest technologies even if the Enthusiasm is the same for them. Therefore, the ways of connections have also diversified. So what are the different ways that you can consider connecting the FM Radio with the Bluetooth Speaker? Well, the answer to this question is mentioned below.

1. With the Help of FM Tuner

The first procedure of using the FM radio with the Bluetooth speaker is the FM Tuner method. Here, the procedure of connecting the devices is based upon first tuning the Bluetooth Speaker. Yes, the Bluetooth Speaker Speech maker has to be turned on for that purpose. When you Turn on the Speaker, the Specifies of the speakers will glow a light that tells you about the Bluetooth speaker turning into its mode.

As this option comes with FM Tuner, so you would get a built-in FM Tuner in it. For that, you have to press the button that is available on the Speaker. In this way, you can easily turn on the FM Radio mode. Right after that, you need to press the play and pause button for around three seconds. Then, when you are automatically searching about the stations, perform the same steps.

For a Bluetooth speaker to tune all channels, it would require almost 5 minutes maximum to wait for it. Therefore, don’t panic in between the procedure. After it tunes properly, you can now use FM Radio.

2. Without FM Tuner

Some Bluetooth speakers don’t come with a built-in FM Tuner; therefore, it would be impossible for the user to connect them for listening to music or any other type of audio. Also, this method is beneficial for the same type of people whose Bluetooth speakers don’t have a built-in Tuner.

Here, you would require an Aux Cable for Connecting the FM Radio with the Bluetooth Speaker. Since FM radio doesn’t come with Bluetooth Functionality, you need to connect it via a wire. At the same time, the Bluetooth speaker has to be with multiple connection options for a safe and reliable connection.

AUX Cables comes with two-sided Connections. So, you have to use them to connect both of the devices. After connecting them via AUX cable, please turn on the radio and enjoy it to the Bluetooth Speaker.

What are the Benefits of Listening to FM Radio on the Bluetooth Speaker

1. Low Power Consumption

The Bluetooth speakers don’t need any Wired power Supply to run. You can easily get them with batteries. So, it comes with low power consumption. Therefore, it will never create any major issues for you as well. A good quality battery should b the only recommendation for you to use inside the Bluetooth Speakers so that you wouldn’t face any issues outdoors.

2. Portability

Another benefit of Playing FM Radio on a Bluetooth speaker is that you can easily use them anywhere you want. The Bluetooth speakers usually work on batteries, so you can take them anywhere you want, from roads to the hill and even to abandoned locations. So, everything is based upon your mood to play the speaker, depending upon whatever looks ideal to you.

3. Connectivity

Another great factor that you need to consider with the Bluetooth speaker is its multiple connectivity options. Yes, these factors are outstanding, and you need to consider them to the core.

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Frequently asked questions FAQs

1. Does Bluetooth Speaker have FM Radio?

The Bluetooth speakers of older and current versions have a lot of changes. If we talk about the current ones, there are rarely the options of FM Radio available on it. However, you would get the option of FM Radio in the older types of Bluetooth Speakers. So, the answer to this question would be yes.

2. Which Bluetooth Speaker has FM Radio?

  1. 1
    XENEO X21 Portable Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth speakers with FM Radio.
  2. 2
    AUDIIOO Portable IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio.
  3. 3
    Sony Portable Bluetooth digital Turner AM/FM.

3. How do I play radio Through Bluetooth?

You can play the radio through Bluetooth with the help of an AUX Cable. IF you have an OLD version of the Device, you have to connect it to the Bluetooth speaker via Cable. However, you can easily play the radio on a Bluetooth speaker without using any wire. In that case, the FM Radio has to be connected to the Bluetooth speaker through a modern device.


FM Radio is the historical fascinations for a lot of the peoples. Even in the current times, a lot of people are fond of FM Radio. Many want to know about the connection of Bluetooth speaker with the FM Radio. But, it’s still unknown to many people about the Connection of both devices. So, we have created this article where you will get all of the details.