How To Prevent Unauthorized Access To Bluetooth Speakers

How to prevent unauthorized access to Bluetooth speakers?

You might have experienced a moment when you were enjoying your favorite songs on a Bluetooth speaker. Still, suddenly, the other person enjoying it with you did anything funny by connecting their smart devices with the Bluetooth speaker. Or, there might be someone in the neighborhood who found your Bluetooth speaker signal and played something that has affected your experience.

If that’s the kind of situation that happened with you, then probably you haven’t set up the unauthorized access for the Bluetooth speaker. If you did that, then nobody except you can connect to the Bluetooth speaker.

So how would you do that? Here, we will discuss everything with you in detail. So, let’s begin talking about it in detail.

How To Prevent Unauthorized Access To Bluetooth Speakers

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Ways to prevent unauthorized access to Bluetooth speakers

1. Turn-off when not in use?

Let say you have listened to your favorite songs on the Bluetooth speaker; now, you don’t need to listen more to it. Also, you don’t want someone else to connect with the Bluetooth speaker to play the songs. In this way, you can easily secure access to the Bluetooth speaker by turning It off. Once you do that, nobody else can connect and play the song on it.

2. Hide the Signals

Just like you hide the internet connection so nobody else would search and get connected to it, the same you can perform with the Bluetooth signals. If you face continuous connection issues, then applying this method would be an outstanding thing for you.

All you need is to get into the settings of the Bluetooth and then hide the signals. For the Bluetooth speakers, you would easily learn about the signal hiding procedure through the guide that comes along with the packaging. Else, you can also find it on the Google search bar. After that, you can only connect to the Bluetooth network by getting into the hidden network option and searching for the Bluetooth name to easily appear on the screen for you.

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3. Don’t pair in Public

Whenever you want to listen to the songs on a Bluetooth speaker, make sure to pair it with the device where you don’t find anyone else. Usually, when you want to pair with the Bluetooth speaker in a crowded place, the option of pairing the device does go to other people who are using the Bluetooth feature. In this way, the Bluetooth device pairs with the other person, and you can’t pair it.

Apart from that, you can also keep the Bluetooth speakers safe by not allowing unexpected requests for the device. In this way, you can easily save it from hacking. Moreover, applying this procedure will automatically prevent the unwanted user from appearing on the Bluetooth speaker for the means of connection.

4. Set up a security code

If you have internet installed in the home, you may already know about the security code feature. Yes, it’s the same feature that you use to make the wifi connection secured and don’ allow it as a public Wi-Fi for others for connecting purposes.

The same thing you can apply to the Bluetooth speakers as well. All you need is to get into the settings of the Bluetooth speaker. From there, you can easily set up the Bluetooth speaker Password so that nobody else would pair and connect with the speaker. IF they want to connect, the only way to do this is by entering the security code, which is possible after you provide it. Otherwise, it’s impossible to connect without a security code.

5. Update the speakers

Always try to update the Bluetooth speakers for the list of updates that comes to it. In most cases, the bugs in the Bluetooth speakers become the primary reasons others connect with the Bluetooth speakers. When you truly upgrade the Bluetooth speakers with the latest software, their security will increase. So that, it would be impossible for anyone who wants to hack the Bluetooth speaker and connect it with their devices.

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How do I stop someone from using my Bluetooth speaker?

The best and most effective way to stop someone else from using your Bluetooth speaker is to set a security code. It’s the same thing that you do with the Wi-Fi signals, where nobody else can connect to the internet unless they know the security code. So, Bluetooth would also be possible to connect someone else when they know about the code.

How do I stop authorized access to Bluetooth?

  • Use of Jacks.
  • Pair In Private.
  • Unpair the devices that are connected to it.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth speaker when not In use.
  • Hide the Bluetooth speaker signal identity.
  • Use of Security code.

Can someone connect to my Bluetooth without me knowing?

Theoretically, anybody can get access to your Bluetooth device when you have turn-on the Bluetooth device visibility. Hence, it would be possible that you don’t know about the person who is connected with the device. The only way to cope with such experiences is to set up a security code or turn off the Bluetooth device.

How do I block a Bluetooth device?

You must get the options available in the settings feature of the Bluetooth device where you can block other Bluetooth devices which are showing up for the connection, or they are already connected with the device. Here, you have to manually perform the whole procedure to get whatever you wish to block the device.


You may have a Bluetooth speaker who always connects with another person you have never been allowed to connect with. Hence, you would also experience many hurdles to enjoying anything you are listening to the device. In this way, the only thing that comes into your mind is how to prevent these unauthorized connections or access to your device.

For that, we have discussed several ways in the article in detail. Every way Is perfectly fine and easy for you to adapt for your Bluetooth speaker. Implementing it in the right way will help you use the Bluetooth speaker, and nobody else will affect your listening experience by connecting the Bluetooth speaker with their devices.