How To Make Bluetooth Speakers Louder In 2022

How to make Bluetooth Speaker louder?

Whether you are purchasing a wired or wireless speaker, one of the essential things you need is to experience a better and louder sound from it. If we generally talk about the speaker type, Bluetooth is the most prominent ones that are highly available in the market with extensive demand.

If you have decided to buy a Bluetooth speaker due to its several benefits, you should probably look for the ones that are good in terms of louder and quality sound. But wait, you have no idea about the ideal things for you to experience better sound.

How To Make Bluetooth Speaker Louder

Due to these reasons, we have created this article where you will learn about the different ways that can help make the Bluetooth speaker sound louder. So without any further ado, let’s start talking about them in the below section.

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Ways to make the Bluetooth speaker louder

1. Place it in the corner of the room

Whether you are using the Bluetooth speaker for personal or commercial purposes, you have the option to experience better quality and louder sound. Yes, we are talking about placing the Bluetooth speaker in the corner of the room.

Surprisingly, different experts concluded that putting the speakers in the corner of the room increases its volume up to 40%, which is remarkable. Moreover, it means you can easily enhance the excellent size of the speaker by placing it in the corners.

However, you have the option to do a test on placing the speakers on the corners. You can place it in several corner areas and identify that specific area where the sound gives you the louder sound experience. Then, based on that, you can easily put it in the preferable corner of the room.

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2. Check out the Speaker Settings

One of the major causes that don’t allow the Bluetooth speaker to produce louder sound is inadequate. So yes, we have seen many forums where people kept asking about the preferable settings of a Bluetooth speaker.

Many of them believe that they have not set the adequate setting of their Bluetooth speaker, which is why the speakers are not producing good sound. Unfortunately, even we have also concluded with the fact that all these myths are real. Therefore, you should read about all of the appropriate and helpful settings to produce a high-quality sound.

3. Place it on the floor

Another important thing that you could do with the speaker is to place it on the floor. So, yes, it also helps produce better quality and louder sound of a wireless speaker, which we also call Bluetooth speakers.

In this way, the speakers produce better bass than putting it on the other surfaces. Moreover, it also helps assist the vibration flow, which helps to improve the clear result of the speaker sound. Usually, this method is applied to parties or friend/family gatherings where the environmental need would be to play soft yet louder music. If you have the same demands, then you should go with them.

4. Understand the room Size

Another major factor that can affect the poor quality or lower sound production of the speaker is the room size. So yes, you should consider the room size as a major factor to get a louder sound production in the speaker.

When you use a speaker in a larger room or open area, the sound intensity automatically decreases because it gets a lot of space to travel. However, if you put the same Bluetooth speaker in a minimal room, you will automatically realize that the sound intensity will increase.

Here, the major science of smaller room for better voice is that the sound tends to travel into a minimal area; therefore, its intensity will remain to a smaller end. Therefore, the sound intensity will automatically increase for you.

5. Place it closely against the wall

One method discussed at the start was to place the Bluetooth speaker in the corner of the room. In general, in this method, you are pretty much placing the Bluetooth speaker too close to the wall. However, the one we are discussing here isn’t only about placing it to the corners. Here, you dare to place it anywhere against the wall closely.

Generally, placing the Bluetooth speakers closer to the wall performs better as an excellent sound-producing amplifier. Therefore, you will get to experience a clear voice out of the speaker. But, on the other hand, experts also say that when you place the Bluetooth speakers near the wall, it tends to produce 25% extra intensity sound from the device.

But, you should need to know that quite different factors involve in this trick can pretty much affect the sound intensity. For example, the space between the wall and the type of wall you use to place the speakers all count on it closely. Hence, you should think about them as well.

1. How do I increase the volume on my Bluetooth speaker?

You can increase the sound of the Bluetooth speaker up to 40% by placing it in the corners of the room. On the other hand, you could quickly increase the sound production of the speaker by placing it closely against the walls. In both ways, the sound quality will remain as clear and good quality for you.

2. How do I make my speaker louder?

One of the best ways that the experts suggest and the speaker owners also do is to buy multiple speakers and connect them in the room. In this way, the speaker's sound gets louder. If you are not interested in purchasing multiple speakers for more audible sound, you can also consider placing them on the corner of the room or closely against the wall to produce better sound.

3. Why is my Bluetooth Speaker volume so low?

One of the significant factors affecting the Bluetooth speaker volume and keeping it low is the nearly placed metal devices or other objects that would show interference. If you put the Bluetooth speakers away from these objects, then chances are higher that the sound production would increase for you.