How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Smart TV In 2022

How to connect Bluetooth speaker to smart TV?

Smart TV has become one of the major necessities in the home because it offers you a whole new set of experiences. Like, you can play as many things as you want to kill the boredom moment or want to relax after coming back home from a hectic routine.

How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Smart TV

There are plenty of amazing options that you can consider in the Smart TV, which makes you feel like the device is outstanding in every aspect. Yes, you can get a tremendous number of channels and connect them with the Internet to watch your Favorite Shows on Netflix, YouTube, or any other platform right from the screen by handling it with Remote control.

One of the major things that you need to care about is the sound system throughout this time. Normally, a better experience comes with a better sound system. Therefore, you need to care about it. On the other hand, when you have a Smart TV mounted on the Wall, it would be a bad option to connect it with a wired speaker because you have to keep the environment as clean as possible to enjoy everything rather than juggling between the wires.

Therefore, the use of Bluetooth speakers for Smart TV is amazing. But wait, how you can connect the Bluetooth speaker to smart TV? In this article, we will discuss the whole thing with you. You can read about how to connect bluetooth speaker for Xbox one Here. 

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Steps to Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Smart TV

1. Turn on the Pairing Mode of Bluetooth Speaker

The first and most important thing you should do while connecting the Bluetooth speaker with the Smart TV is to turn on the Bluetooth Speaker. After turning it on, the speaker will automatically show the signal for pairing purposes. On the Bluetooth speakers, you will see a button that needs to be press for a moment to let it activate for the pairing mode.

If you struggle to find the button, it would be a better option to check out the manual guide. There, you can easily get to know about the button.

2. Navigate around to the Smart TV Options:

After Turning on the Bluetooth Speaker, the next thing will be to ready the Smart TV for the connection purpose. For that, you have to turn on the Smart TV and go to the settings Option. Every Smart TV comes with a Remote where you will see a button that can easily help you open the Settings. If you can’t find it, then check out the manual to locate the Button.

After locating the button, press it while the Smart TV is on, and it will take you to the Setting Options. After getting into the Settings option, the next thing will be to look for the Bluetooth connection. There, you can easily see the Bluetooth option by checking the drop-down menus.

After locating the Bluetooth option, press ok to get into the further settings of Bluetooth. Now there, you will see a Scan option. This option helps the smart TV to locate any Bluetooth device that is ready for the connection. As you have already turned on the Bluetooth speaker and set it up on the Pairing mode, the scan feature will help you locate the Bluetooth Speaker easily and automatically connect with it.

When the Devices Got connected, the Bluetooth speaker will approve it by playing a sound like “The Bluetooth Device is connected”. It will be a clear indication for you that the device has been successfully connected. So now, all you need is to enjoy your Favorite Show or TV by listening to the voice from the Bluetooth Speaker.

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Why connect Bluetooth Speakers with Smart TV?

As we said earlier, Smart TV devices come with many amazing features for audiences. Therefore, it will be a daunting experience if you have been using Built-in Speakers for listening purposes. Why? Because these speakers would not give you the perfect essence.

Like some of you buy it to set up a home theatre, others tend to use the Smart TV for gaming purposes. Whatever the perspective, one important thing that remains the same throughout time is the sound experience. Therefore, the use of Bluetooth Speakers would be a useful thing for you in terms of a better sound experience.

You should also understand that having a Smart TV and mounting it on the Walls has to be as simple and sleek in appearance. It’s not like you are using the wired connections to keep the whole look messy. In this way, you will never enjoy the real essence. That’s why they use Bluetooth speakers would be an outstanding option to keep everything wireless and maintain the whole look simple.

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1. Can I connect my Bluetooth speaker to my TV?

With most Televisions, including the Smart TV, you can easily connect the Bluetooth Speakers. Also, it will work most of the time.

2. Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Not a brief idea about the old ones, but the Smart TVs coming right now has the compatibility of the Bluetooth Connections so that you can easily connect them with any Bluetooth device, including Mobile, Speakers, and many more.

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3. How do I connect a Bluetooth speaker to my Samsung Smart TV?

First, you need to turn on the Bluetooth speaker and press the given button to turn on the pairing mode. After that, use the Remote to Turn-on the Samsung Smart TV and go into the Settings option. In the settings option, go to the Sound options, and within the options, you will see Bluetooth. Select the Scan option within the Bluetooth settings so it can locate the Bluetooth Speaker. Now, select the Bluetooth Speaker connectivity name that appears on the screen.

4. How can I get my TV to play Sound through Bluetooth?

If you have a Bluetooth Supported TV, Go to the Setting options to pair it with the Available Bluetooth speakers in the Home. After that, you can easily enjoy the sound with the help of Bluetooth-connected speakers.


Just Like you have purchased a Smart TV to make the whole experience worth it, whether playing games or watching shows, it’s also important to keep the sound system upgraded. Normally, Smart TVs come with built-in speakers, which is never a good option.

Therefore, connecting it with a Bluetooth speaker will produce better sound and keep the appearance simple and sleek. For that reason, we have created this article where you can easily learn about connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a smart TV.