How To Clean Bluetooth Speaker In 2022

How to clean Bluetooth Speaker?

Whether you are using Wired or Wireless speakers, it catches the Dirt or dust just in the way like the other Household items. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to take care of the speaker before it gets damaged or something else happens to it.

Especially if we talk about Bluetooth speakers, these speakers are used both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, since it comes with batteries power supply, you wouldn’t need any electric outlet to give them power, so many people consider it portable speakers. Well, it has this fantastic benefit; however, you would need to understand that these wireless speakers can get dustier compared to other ones. Therefore, its cleaning is essential for you.

The majority of the people wouldn’t know about the procedure of cleaning the Bluetooth speaker. Therefore, we thought to provide the perfect information that could help you to clean the Bluetooth speakers without any hurdles.

How To Clean Bluetooth Speaker

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Steps to Clean a Bluetooth Speaker

Following the proper steps to clean a Bluetooth speaker is the best way to acquire the best results. Therefore, we are here to give you the exact roadmap to follow. So, you won’t get into any trouble, or the Speakers will not get damaged.

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Step 1The first step starts with turning off the Bluetooth speaker. Yes, you have to disconnect it from the power sources to avoid any dangerous activity during the cleaning procedure. As you have the Bluetooth speaker, it's essential to turn off the power button to begin cleaning the Bluetooth speaker.

Step 2The Bluetooth speakers that come in larger sizes come with Grills and the smaller sizes Bluetooth speakers. You need to remove those skills if it’s possible for you. You can pry it off easily with the help of any thin object available. Some of the grills attach with the speakers through the screws; you can unscrew them to remove the grills.

Step 3The third step is to use the Can of Air to remove the dirt and dust out of the speakers. Yes, we are talking about that circular shape Object that you would typically see behind the speakers' Grills. With the help of Air can, you can clean the dirt off from the Speaker. Also, air cans are safe for you as it hardly creates any cracks in the speakers.

Also, try to use the Air cans that are supposed to be used to clean the electronics. Never try to hold the Air cans in a way where it doesn’t spray out the air but the chemicals because it can harm your Bluetooth speaker's components.

Step 4After completing the Canned Air procedure, the next step is to use the Soft cloth to clean all of the leftover dust available to the complex parts of the Speakers. Apart from soft cloth, you can use soft brushes as well for cleaning purposes. For example, you can use your wife, sister, or mother Makeup brush for the same purpose. But, make sure that the makeup brush is not in use; otherwise, you will get in trouble in the home.

Step 5The fifth step is to use the Wet Cloth to clean all of the components of the Bluetooth speaker properly. Here, you need to understand that the Wet cloth shouldn’t use if it’s not properly soaked out. Yes, you have to squeeze out the water from the Cloth properly; otherwise, it will create issues for you. It would help if you squeezed it so that all excess water would not remain in the cloth.

Step 6After cleaning the Bluetooth speakers with the Wet Cloth, the next step is to use the dry microfiber soft cloth to dry any leftover wet part of the Bluetooth speaker. Also, it will help you out to clean the remaining dust or dirt out from the Bluetooth speaker. Again, try to use a clean microfiber cloth; otherwise, the speaker will again catch the stain.

Step 7You have removed the Grill from the speaker in the initial step. Now, it’s time to clean the Grill. You can air or another object that can produce the air in pressure for you. If it’s generating excessive pressure, then you should try to clean the dust out of the Grill from a distance.

Step 8After you remove the dust with the help of an air can or any other tool that produces excessive air, the next step is to use a soft cloth. Here, you need first to remove the dirt from a dry cloth. After that, use a wet cloth to clean the Grill again. Finally, use the dry cloth again to clean the leftover dust or dirt out of the Grill. In the last, attach the Grill again with the Bluetooth speaker.

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How do you clean Speaker Holes?

You can use the Adequate solvent for the cleaning purpose that would not damage any component. After that, you would easily clean the speaker’s holes with a similar size tool. Meanwhile, the use of soft cloth is important in this procedure.

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How do you Clean Speaker Grills?

You can use a Can air or anything else that can produce good air pressure to clean the speakers' dirt. After that, use a soft cloth to clean the leftover dirt and then use a dry cloth to clean it properly. In the end, dry out the wet areas with the help of a clean and dry microfiber cloth.

How can I clean my Phone Speakers at home?

You would need all of the adequate cleaning gadgets available in the home, including Microfiber cloth, liquid Solvent, and canned air.

How do you Clean Dust from a Bluetooth speaker?

First of all, remove the Grills out of the Speakers. Now, use the Canned air to clean the inside components of the Bluetooth speakers. After that, use the dry microfiber cloth to clean the Leftover dust out of the Bluetooth speaker. Then, clean it with the help of a wet cloth to clean the other areas of the speakers properly. In the end, use the dry cloth again to clean the speaker. The same goes for the Grill section.


Cleaning a Bluetooth speaker requires a lot of learning procedures. Moreover, if you make any mistake in the whole procedure, it can damage the entire speaker. Therefore, we are here to let you know about an adequate procedure for cleaning the Speakers.