How To Charge Bluetooth Speaker In 2022

How to charge Bluetooth speaker?

Are you the one who has purchased a Bluetooth speaker and doesn’t know about the right way or the scratch procedure to charge it? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here, we will tell you about the best methods to charge your Bluetooth speaker to enjoy and hear the best music experience whenever and wherever you want without any hurdles.

How To Charge Bluetooth Speaker

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Ways to Charge Bluetooth Speaker

1. Charge Bluetooth Speakers at Outdoors

The best experience you would get from a Bluetooth speaker is when you play It outdoor. Yes, we are talking about playing it in the pool party, picnic, or hiking trails. However, there are some limitations when you are planning to use it. In other words, it comes with a battery that gets discharged after some time. If you haven’t charged the battery in the right way and it’s almost going to die in a few minutes, then you would not do anything about it. Hence, you need to learn how to charge the Bluetooth speaker batteries even if they get discharged.

On outdoors, you have the option of using solar chargers or power banks. Both come with their standards of charging capabilities.

If we talk about Power banks, it comes in a variety in terms of specification and support. You would quickly get to go with the one that fulfills your charging needs. Like whatever charging input capability of your speaker, you can easily maintain it with the power bank without any hurdles, which is a brilliant thing. On the other hand, you need to know that the Power bank also needs to charge other things, which is why it’s known as the portable chargers for Bluetooth speakers.

All you need is to plug in the USB Port, one end with the power bank and the other end to the Bluetooth speaker. In this way, you can quickly charge the Bluetooth speaker.

The second way is the Solar Chargers. It’s the best way to charge the Bluetooth speaker in the daytime with the sun's power. Here, you don’t have to worry about the Capabilities of the charger. As long as the sun is on to the solar plates, you can quickly charge it for as long as possible. For this way of charging, you will need a USB charging Port.

You need to notice one thing in both ways: buy a Bluetooth speaker where a USB port is available for charging purposes. Otherwise, you can’t charge the Bluetooth speaker that effectively.

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2. Charge Bluetooth Speaker in a Car

The second way to charge a Bluetooth speaker is to take the help of the Car. Yes, modern cars come with an electric-outlet source that you can use with the help of USB charging cables. All you need is to connect the port with the Bluetooth speaker to begin the Charging.

One major issue about this method is that the charging never happens quickly. In simple words, you wouldn’t promptly charge the Bluetooth speaker with this method. Hence, patience is required throughout the time. But, it can give a bit of support in terms of charging.

For better and quick charging time, you can go with the USB type that comes with the highest power charging capabilities so that you would quickly charge the Bluetooth speakers without any hurdles.

3. Charge Bluetooth Speaker at home

While staying at home, you can quickly charge the Bluetooth speaker with the help of a Charger. For that, you need to find an electric outlet where you can easily plug in the charger and then connect the charger port to the Bluetooth speaker port.

So that it can quickly charge. If you don’t have the USB port connectivity option, there is no need to worry about it. Why? Because the company would have given another point for charging purposes, which you can quickly achieve with the help of a charger.

1. How to Charge Bluetooth Speaker at Home without a Charger?

Sometimes you don’t have a charger available in the place you are staying, but you want to charge the Bluetooth speaker. So, what should you do now? Well, you can take the help of a charging port and connect it with your Laptop. In this way, you can easily charge the Bluetooth Speakers without any hurdles.

Besides that, the method like Power bank and Solar portable chargers also come into the same category to charge the Bluetooth speaker when you don’t have the original charger available to you.

2. How Do I Know if my Bluetooth Speaker is charging?

If your Bluetooth speaker battery has fully charged, it won’t show any indication of light up that the batteries are charged. It also varies from model to model. However, if you have turned off the speaker and then charged the batteries, you would easily get an indication about the battery being charged with the lights that showed up to you.

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3. Can we charge a Bluetooth speaker with a mobile charger?

For some reason, it’s possible to charge a Bluetooth speaker with the mobile charger until or unless they have the same charging port type and shape. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible that the batteries will charge for you. Meanwhile, try to charge it with the original charger if you want the batteries to work longer.

4. How long does it take for a Bluetooth speaker to charge?

On average, a built-in Bluetooth speaker charger needs almost 3 hours to charge perfectly. But, it would also vary with the electric outlet powering capabilities. So, in some way, you can charge it in less time, while the other ways might end it up with a longer charging period.

5. Can I charge my Bluetooth speaker wirelessly?

You can charge a Bluetooth speaker without any help from wires only if the Bluetooth speaker has the advanced charging feature available. Otherwise, you wouldn’t charge a normal Bluetooth speaker in the same way.


Have you purchased a new Bluetooth speaker and don’t know about the methods to charge it appropriately. If that’s the case, then you have come to the right place. In the article, we have talked about different ways to charge the Bluetooth speakers in different locations or experiences. Therefore, it will entirely be going to help you to charge the Bluetooth speakers.