How To Add Bluetooth Speakers To Google Home In 2022

How to Add Bluetooth speaker to Google home

Bluetooth speakers are the latest technologies that have made a lot of popularity and name worldwide. Yes, it comes with numerous outstanding features and functionalities that can help you play music anywhere you want without any hurdles. Also, it produces the best quality sound and can be turned into party mode or any other feature with however you connect or play it.

If we talk about Google Home, it comes with loads of outstanding features to help you find the songs and hear them. However, the sound is the only drawback of it as it doesn’t provide good quality sound production. 

How To Add Bluetooth Speaker To Google Home

If you are the type of Listener who gives a lot of importance to the songs or other audio sound that you play on it, connect it to external Speakers. Yes, as said earlier, the Bluetooth speaker is convenient to use anywhere you want, and it produces good quality sound. Therefore, it could be a great option if you connect the Bluetooth speaker with the app for experiencing a good quality sound.

The majority of you might be wondering about the Connection procedure and also thinking about whether the device supports the Bluetooth connection or not. Well, Bluetooth speakers and Google Home devices are capable of connecting to connect the external Bluetooth speaker. However, learning the connection method is essential, and we will discuss it in the below steps.

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Steps to Connect the Bluetooth Speaker with Google Home?

Step 1: You have to first launch the Google home application.

Step 2: The second step will be to open the Devices section available that you can see on the right side of the Mobile Screen on the top. Click the option and later on another option, which will be under the Devices and to the same right side. Make sure to click on that and then to the settings option.

Step 3: The Third Step is to go to the pair Bluetooth devices option. After you click on the option, it will show all devices with Bluetooth functionalities and are available for connection purposes. All you need is to connect it with the name of the Bluetooth signals that match your Bluetooth speaker.

Step 4: The fourth step is to check the connection between both ends. For that, play random music or song on the mobile. If it shows any signal or voice on the Speaker, it clearly shows that the devices have connected successfully. On the other hand, if you don’t listen to any music, the pairing mode has some issues, or the Bluetooth speaker has issues in the settings. Whatever the case, make sure to check the device and follow all of the steps again.

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Can You Pair More than one Bluetooth Speaker?

You might be thinking about Party mode to enjoy the music to the fullest. Therefore, enjoy the sound by connecting multiple speakers. Well, that’s possible for you to do as there are the possibilities to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers with Google home.

All you have to do is add another Google Home or the Chrome cast into the Device for the Connection purpose. You can also install chrome cast Audio Connected speakers in a group, which will help you make the Multi-room Audio connection facility into the Speakers to connect multiple speakers for whatever reasons.

The important thing to understand here is that you are adding the Bluetooth speakers to the Multi-room group. But, it will be a Google Home smart speaker that you would use for the same purpose.

You can create the Group when the device is open and click on the Add button. The button is available on the Control Dock, which will be available on the home screen. From there, you can easily create a speaker group and then select the number of speakers. On voice command, you can control all of the speakers without any hurdles. Only when all of them were connected with Google home.

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1. Can you add a Bluetooth speaker to Google Home?

Adding the Bluetooth Speaker to Google home is possible for you. Yes, you can pair them without any hurdles. All you need is to hover over the Device settings section of Google Home. Next, check out the Default speaker and give it the command to connect to the speaker easily.

2. How do I add a Bluetooth Device to my Google home?

  1. 1
    Launch the app on your device, which will be Google Home.
  2. 2
    Go to the device feature on to the Home screen.
  3. 3
    Find the Paired Bluetooth Device Setting to activate pairing mode.
  4. 4
    Select the same speaker available for the connection purpose.

3. What speakers can be added to Google home?

All the types of speakers with Wireless connection options can be easily added to it. Also, the Bluetooth version needs to be fully updated to support all of the functionalities of the Speakers. If you have an older version of Bluetooth speaker, there might be many essential functionalities that you might lose or couldn’t listen to effectively.

4. Can I add a Bluetooth speaker to the chrome cast?

You can add the Bluetooth speaker to Chrome cast without any hurdles. First, however, go to the app and then likely pair it with Bluetooth Speaker for the connection. Then, all you need is to tap on the Bluetooth speaker pair option, and then it will scan the Bluetooth devices for the connection aspects.


Google Home is an outstanding Technology that most people tend to use. It comes with numerous sound playing options; however, the sound capabilities of the speakers are not that optimal. Therefore, a lot of people have issues listening with good quality and high-level volume. In that case, third-party speaker devices are good, and the Bluetooth technology speakers are outstanding. In the article, we have discussed the usage of Bluetooth speakers with the devices for you.