How Do You Reduce Speaker Noise In 2022

How Do You Reduce Speaker Noise

Are you the one who has a speaker that produces bad noises and it irritates you? If yes, you might be looking for solutions that can help reduce the noise to get a quality noise experience. Everything is possible for you based on getting the ideal knowledge of how to find the issues and then resolve them. 

How Do You Reduce Speaker Noise

Speaker noise issues occur due to various reasons; therefore, understanding the reasons can do almost 50% of the solution for you. The remaining 50% has to be done by correcting the issue. So, let’s start talking about the Speaker noise issue in the below section. 

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What are the reasons for Speaker Noise

Grounding Issue

In general, you will get two different types of Cables into the speakers. Yes, we are talking about the Power Supply line that tends to be the second cable used in the Speaker apart from the Audio Cables. The task of the power supply line cable is to give power outlet. 

Within the power cord, you will see the plugs kinds that are available on both sides. It tends to be the IEC-C13 Female Connector that is standard and goes into the Computers and monitors devices. The one that goes to the power outlet is considered the male ones, and the issues tend to arise with the same.

Most of the time, the Grounding prongs are available for positive reasons. However, sometimes it creates issues for you as well. So, that could be a major reason for speaker noise.

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Unbalanced Wires

The unbalanced wires are another important factor that can cause the issues of Speaker noise for you. Therefore, you need to check them at the start. Every wire has its particular type of usage; however, balancing the wires is very important for you. Without it, you would have to face many issues at the time of listening to the music as the sound will create bad noise. So, it would help if you looked upon it.

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Blown Speaker

Most of the time, our speaker's components have lost their quality due to the electricity issues, and we don’t even have the idea of it. Therefore, later the Speaker would start making noise issues, and we believe there are some other reasons behind that. 

Make sure to check out the Outer parts of the Speaker, including the Dust cap. Diaphragm, and other parts. Ensure that none of them have any fust. Because the speaker has dust, you would have to face a lot of issues in terms of noise. 

In the Start, you will feel the Popping sound in the speaker; however, that sound later creates several other noises. So, you need to be careful about that at the start. However, if you found the mistake earlier and resolved it, you wouldn’t have to face any issues again.

Outdated Drivers

For a speaker to work in the best way, it needs to be updated with every advanced driver available. But, most of the time, it’s the issue with the Software that produces the bad sound, and you would blame the Hardware. 

The computer error can be a primary reason for the speakers to produce noise sounds. Hence, you need to update the Drivers so any error causing the issues can easily be resolved. Different tutorials are available online that can help you out to update the drivers without any hurdles. 

How To Prevent Speaker Noise issue?

We have discussed the major causes of Speaker Noise issues in the above portion. Now, we are here to let you know about the steps that can help resolve this issue. So, let’s begin talking about them in the below section.

Updating the Software

The First and most important thing you need to do is to update the Drivers. Whatever Speaker you have, connect it with the Computer, go to the Computer settings, and then into the Drivers Options. If the issues were with the speaker's software aspects, there would be an option pop-up for you onto the Update area. Update the speakers from the Device Manager. After that, you will see a drastic change in the performance of the Speakers. 

Fix the Blown Speaker Component

We have discussed the Blown Speaker issue that can be a primary reason for the poor noise. Hence, you can easily cover up this problem and resolve it by fixing the component of the speaker that has been damaged due to the electrical aspects. 

First of all, you should try to Figure out the component area that has been damaged. After that, the next thing you would do is to repair it. Later, you can check the sound by playing anything, and you will get a positive response. 

Lower the Volume

Many speakers come with average Sound Level limitations; therefore, increasing the sound level compared to its limitation can also cause noise issues for you. Well, a lot of the peoples tends to consider it as a major issue. However, they don’t give importance to the Sound level of the Speaker. If you lower the Volume, the Noise issues will resolve, and that’s happened with many people. So try to keep the Sound Level below 75% and never put it to a higher level when you are not listening to the music.


How do you Reduce Speaker Static Noise?

With the Audi device and Speakers, the wires have to be connected properly. Ensure that all electronic devices are turned off in the same room where you have put the speaker because it can interfere with the speaker's sound. Also, try to keep the Speaker away from the electrical cords.

How do you Reduce White noise in Speakers?

Majority of the time, White noise issue in the speakers occurs due to the un-appropriate setting of the amplifier with the speaker. If you want to capture this issue, you need to manage the settings of the Amplifier and Speaker in the correct way. After that, you will automatically experience the reduction of white noise in the speakers.


Listening to something on a Speaker in distortion or poor noise is never a good experience. Therefore, it needs to be resolved to enjoy the sound. But what are the reasons that cause such issues? That’s what we have discussed in the whole article for you.