5 Best Non portable Bluetooth Speakers 2022 (Reviews & Guide) : Smart And Wireless

Best non-portable Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers have become evident in the past few years due to their excellent quality, clear sounds, and other aspects. 

Moreover, most people would love these speakers due to their portability. But wait, what about the non-portable Bluetooth Speakers? Is there any top-notch Bluetooth speaker available in this Category? Let’s discuss them in the below section.

Best Non Portable Bluetooth Speakers





1. Edifier R1850DB


RCA, Bluetooth, Auxiliary

2. Edifier R1280DBs


RCA, Bluetooth

3. Kanto YU4



4. SAMSUNG Sound Tower



5. Bose Home Speaker


Bluetooth, WiFi

1. Edifier R1850DB Active Bookshelf Speakers 

Our first pick in the list of best non-portable Bluetooth speakers starts with the Edifier R1850DB. The company has made its name so well in the market by producing top-quality Speakers for customers worldwide. Significantly, the one we are talking about here is recommended by the experts of the Speaker market.

The Decent Sound quality, Perfect Sizing, and input Versatility of these speakers are like getting a whole thing in a compelling or affordable package. Typically, you would get big size non-portable speakers with any one of the quality compromising capabilities. However, these Bluetooth speakers don’t give you any reasons at all. It will remain affordable and suitable for any user purchasing it as the Bluetooth speakers for a specific Space.

Edifier R1850DB

1. Sound Quality

If we talk about the Sound Quality of these Speakers, you will get better Clarity and higher crisps from these speakers compared to the standardized available in the market. Yes, these are far better than the Cheaper PC or other types of Speakers. It has a Frequency response range of 60Hz to 20 kHz, which is quite decent for anyone. Also, the sound accuracy of these Bluetooth speakers is another major norm that you would experience from it.

2. Bluetooth connectivity.

As long as the connectivity options are concerned, you will get three options such as Auxiliary, Bluetooth, and RCA. Yes, all of them are pretty viable and good for you. Therefore, you wouldn’t face any issue while connecting it for song playing purposes.

The Bluetooth Version used in these speakers is V4 0. It’s the latest version that can help you to play the song with laptops or tablets. Not only that, but the version would also help in connecting with whatever device effectively. Also, the same support will be for future devices that can help you use them for more extended periods without any need to buy a new one.

R1850DB Bookshelf Speakers with Subwoofer

3. Warranty Period

The Warranty Period of these Bluetooth Speakers is another brilliant thing you can consider from the Speakers. On Average, you can claim the warranty within 2 years; that is far enough for enough. Within this time, if any uncertain thing happens with the Bluetooth speaker, you would quickly repair it with the company's help without paying a single penny.

Last, the quality Construction of these Bluetooth Speakers makes them pretty good to use in any conditions without any hurdles.

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  • Clear Sound.
  • Good Quality Wooden Construction.
  • Budget-Friendly Wireless Speakers.
  • It’s Upgradable for future purposes.


  • Should contain more bass.

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2. Edifier R1280DBs Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Our Second product on the list is of the Same Company Edifier; however, the model number is R1280DBs. This Bluetooth speaker comes with a stunning appearance. Yes, the color combination of these Bluetooth speakers used by the creators is unique. The sides of these speakers are in wooden color; however, the front and back part is in Black. All these things make the speakers quite good to look at.

1.  Connectivity Options 

The first important thing that we need to discuss with the Speaker is its Connectivity Options. Here, you would be sad to hear that the Edifier R1280DBs come with only two connectivity options. There is no Auxiliary connectivity option, which means you can only connect it with Bluetooth and RCA. If the wireless connections are not working, you would have to connect it with the Wires later on, which is quite daunting.

Edifier R1280DBs

2. Type 

The Speaker type is Bookshelf and Subwoofer. It means the Bluetooth speakers are heavier in size and look quite bulky so that you can put them on Shelves or in one place. Meanwhile, the recommended usage of these speakers is good with Tablets, Smartphones, or Computers. In other words, you could easily use them for any device without any hurdles.

3. Sound Quality

The Sound Capabilities of these Bluetooth speakers are amazing as you will get a distortion-free experience from them. It has 42W of Power, 4 inches of Sub-Woofer Unit, and a 13mm Tweeter Unit (Silk). All these features related to the sound make the listening experience unique and realistic for every single person. You will get deep bass sound along with fully-filled room sound capabilities. Hence, you will enjoy every sound with better and mesmerizing experiences.

bluetooth speaker backside

Edifier R1280DBs comes with the 5.0 Bluetooth version. It’s the latest version that you will get in these speakers. The benefits of these versions are that you can connect the speaker with any device available on board. Yes, even it will connect to the devices that will launch in the future, including Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, etc. Therefore, buying it would be a good option for you to use it for a more extended period easily.

The Mesh Grille used in these Bluetooth speakers is easily removable. The purpose of its usage is to stop the dirt from entering the components of the speakers. Also, it helps you quickly remove the leftover dirt out of the mesh grille whenever needed.

In the last, the total control of playing music, Mute/Unmute, mode selections, and Volume up/Volume Down is handled with the help of Wireless Remotes. Yes, it comes in good quality that you can easily use for the same purposes.


  • Comes with Considerable Features compared to money.
  • Convenient Bluetooth and Remote Control capabilities.
  • Good Quality Sound.
  • Beautiful Design.
  • Comes with a convenient Function Placement.


  • Sensitive Bluetooth installed.

3. Kanto YU4 140W Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Kanto YU4 is another fantastic product that we decided to include in the list of Best non-portable Bluetooth Speakers. However, the most fantastic thing about this Speaker is the color options available in nine options, including Walnut, Matte White, Matte Black, Matte Grey, Gloss White, Gloss Teal, Gloss Red, Gloss Black, and Bamboo.

1. design of wireless speakers

One of the primary reasons customers are purchasing this Bluetooth speaker is because of its elegant design. The creators of these speakers have used two principles in the designing phase, such as premium material and simple form factor. In this way, the Sound capabilities of these speakers and the look make a sort of compliment for the user.

Kanto YU4

2. Sound quality

Due to the Good Quality materials used in the Construction of these Speakers, the Sound Quality of these speakers is quite amazing. Whether it’s in terms of Clarity or Higher crisps, the quality of the sound remains outstanding. It comes with 1 Silk Tweeter and 4 Kevlar Drivers.

3. Bluetooth version used in these non-portable speakers

The Bluetooth Version used for this Bluetooth speaker is 4.0. Alongside, Qualcomm aptX has been used to connect it with Laptops, Tablets, or Smartphones. In general, using the same thing makes the connectivity procedure quite effective and easier for the user.

These non-portable Bluetooth speakers have been made with the idea of providing you with Versatility options. So yes, you will be going to find it working perfectly for various scenarios. Whether you are playing Video Games, Watching movies, or listening to music, the support system of these Bluetooth speakers will remain optimal for you. In other words, the sound capabilities will be different depending upon the needs.

3. Warranty period

The Warranty period of these Bluetooth speakers is almost 2 years, just like the above two speakers we have talked about. Therefore, any issues will be quickly resolved for you within the given period without charging a penny from you. Meanwhile, it would be pretty effective for you to sell out the Speakers in the same period with good market value due to the warranty.


  • Better sound quality due to reinforced Speaker Cabinets.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy Configuration.
  • Power-saving features.
  • Comes in several color options.
  • Quality constructing material used.


  • Doesn’t come with a Speaker Cover or Grille.                                  

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4. SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T50

Samsung is a well-known brand that has been providing the services of Home appliances, smart devices, and Speakers to customers worldwide for a long time. They have a level of reputability and good quality in their products that are not easier to forget.

If we talk about SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T50, it also comes with all the functionalities and quality features that make this product as brilliant as possible for the customers. Since you are considering a non-Portable Bluetooth Speaker, this one will be an outstanding option for you by any means.

Starting from the Sound features, you will get 500 Watt high power of power in these speakers. , these functions will give you a room-filling and enriched sound-producing. Whether it will be playing indoors or outdoors, the experience sustainability will remain the same for you. The Bass of the Speakers is dynamic that provides you with unique sound hearing crisps in different environments.

SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T50

The Developers have introduced a Wi-Fi Enabled feature in these Bluetooth speakers as well. The best thing about this feature is that you can play the Songs, Watch movies, or play anything else directly from the Internet and enjoy it to the speakers.

The Bluetooth speaker is considered a non-portable option by a lot of people. However, it's designed in a way where you will see a lot of compactness in the device. Like, it consumes less space, and all of the importance is given to its height, which is normally taller than other speakers. However, this design attribute makes the sound playing capabilities of the speakers better for the customers.

Apart from that, the significant other essential features that you will enjoy in this Bluetooth speaker are the Giga Party Audio App, Group Play, Karaoke Mode, LED Party Lights, and many more. Also, the controlling method used in these Bluetooth speakers is through the voice. So, you won’t need to use any Remote system at all.

Non-Portable Bluetooth Speaker


  • Quality construction.
  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Comes with Latest Bluetooth Version.
  • Dynamic Sound playing Capabilities.