4 Best Speakers For Zoom Calls 2022 (Reviews & Guide) : Top Including Microphone, Combo, And Bluetooth

4 Best speakers for zoom calls, Conference calls and more

Are you the one who used to take Zoom calls on the phones? If yes, then you are doing an unprofessional and inefficient way of handling the zoom meetings. As a result, neither you will enjoy it nor the other associated with the Zoom meeting.

Hence, you have to adapt a professional way to make the whole zoom conference call a professional and meaningful purpose. Yes, the answer to this feeling or strategy is the use of Speakers. Not the random speakers, but the ones with outstanding qualities and capabilities to manage the zoom conferences for you. 

Best Speakers For Zoom Calls

If we talk about the current times, pretty much every professional activity is limited to the home. Now, people sit back in their homes and do all of the professional works or jobs. Hence, the conference on the zoom platform is another important thing that tends to happen in the home almost every day.


Battery Life

Noise Reduction


1. Jabra Speak 510

15 Hours Battery Life

2. eMeet M2

12 Hours Battery life 

3. eMeet Luna

8 Hours+ Battery Life

4. Anker PowerConf S3

24 Hours Battery Life

In that case, the use of ideal speakers would be a fantastic choice for you. But wait, where would you get the best speakers for yourself? That’s what we will be going to discuss in this article.

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1. Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Starting from Jabra Speak 510, one of the outstanding Speakers that you can have in your home to use for the Zoom Conference calls. The company has a very clean and trustworthy background due to its exceptional sound system products for users worldwide.

1. Design of conference speaker

The 510 wireless Bluetooth speaker comes with a unique round shape design that makes this speaker a compatible option for anyone. It comes with a sleek Black color, and the design provides a luxurious feeling. The Human Interaction set by the Manufacturers is outstanding. You will get everything in front of the speaker, like the Power up/Power Down, Turn-on, and connectivity options. Therefore, you would not feel any issues while connecting it for the zoom call's purpose.

2. Sound Quality 

This speaker's conversation or listening power is another outstanding thing that will fascinate you a lot to buy this product. For the zoom calls, you need to understand whatever has been discussed in the entire meeting. Therefore, the manufacturer of these conference speakers has cared about it and offered an efficient conference calling experience to everyone.

3. Wireless Mode and USB cable

Whether you want to stream multi-media, attend the conference, or normal calls, this conference speakerphone will be the ideal solution for you. The factor behind this is that you can connect it with multiple devices without any issues. Yes, the Jabra 510 comes with a feature where you can plug and connect it with Different devices like softphones, mobile phones, and many more. Hence, it will be an effective option for you to consider it for yourself.

Best bluetooth Speakers For Zoom Calls

4. Portability 

We have talked about the designing factor at the start. So, let's elaborate on it in a better way. The beneficial aspect of its designing capabilities is that you can take it along anywhere you want. In addition, the speakers have a very sleek design and compact size, making them a convenient option for anyone.

If you are making zoom calls with few people in a small room, the experts suggest buying this product because it exceptional audio quality. Because it has outstanding support for the same type of situations, on the other hand, the battery life of Jabra 510 wireless Bluetooth speakers is exceptional. You can easily use it for at least 15 hours on a single charge.

In the last, you can easily set up this bluetooth device without having outstanding knowledge about It. All you need is to connect the device with the speaker and use it. Also, it has the support of connecting easily with multiple OS devices. 

Reasons to buy these confernece speakers

  • It's Easy Set up and offers impressive sound quality even in large conference room
  • This conference speaker is Portable and offers both USB cable and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Clear audio quality with noise reduction and echo cancellation.
  • Affordable Bluetooth conference speakerphone.
  • Performs excellent on Microsoft teams and other video calls apps.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Unreliable Mute Function.

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2. eMeet M2 Conference Speaker: Best spekers for zoom calls

eMeet is another fantastic brand manufacturing the Sound Systems of different types and usages for customers worldwide. They have excellent feedback from the customers due to the outstanding quality products offering. Let's review this best speaker for the conference room.

1. Design of this conference speaker

Starting from the looks of this conference speaker, so it also comes in a round shape, just like the first product. However, the manufacturer has included a round blue color light on the front side of the speakers, which turns on when the device gets connected with the speaker. It's something that helps you in identifying a secure and successful connection. Meanwhile, it also enhances the overall experience for you.

The eMeet M2 conference speaker  comes with 125mm height and 35 mm width. Meanwhile, the material used for this product is outstanding in quality. Hence, it will ensure that you are using a good quality speaker for the zoom Calls.

2. Sound quality of this conference speaker

The manufacturers have cared about the sound quality production of this conference speaker. In general, they have used four small speakers on all four sides of the speakers on the front end. Hence, the voice will play from all four sides of the speakers at the same time. As a result, it will produce an even flow of the voice that will help you listen to everything clearly without any hurdles.

If we talk about the Button features of this conference speaker, it comes with Volume up/Volume Down, Source switch, Smart Assistant, MIC Mute, and Answer phone. Hence, everything is pretty much easy for you to handle.

speakerphone box

The connectivity options of this conference speaker also come with different modes. You can easily plug in the USB cable or use the Bluetooth feature to connect the devices without issues. Hence, it makes everything relatively easy for you in different ways.

The speakers can quickly provide a good sound on a 10 to 12 feet scale without any hurdles. Meanwhile, the device comes with an AI functionality that allows you not to face noise suppression. Another essential thing to consider in this device is that you don’t have to use any driver to use it. The speaker comes with plug-and-play functionality, which is outstanding. Long story short, it's the best Bluetooth speaker for the conference room.


  • Locking Port and bluetooth connectivity.
  • Amazing sound Quality.
  • Compact and Small conference speaker.
  • Outstanding Designing.
  • Offers both noise reduction and echo cancellation for conference calls.
  • One of the best speakers for conference room


  • Confusing Audio Settings configuration.

3. eMeet Luna Computer Speakers

The Third product of this list of best speakers for zomm calls and the second one from the same company, eMeet. As we said earlier, this brand has outstanding and trustworthy results when it comes to Sound systems. Therefore, it’s the primary reason we have included the second product of the same company for the users here.

First of all, the eMeet Luna comes with two color options as Black and Gray. Both color options provide a unique feeling to the customers. Moreover, the shape of this speaker is also round, just like the previous two products we have talked about. These shapes generally provide a sense of compatibility to the customers to use it anywhere they want for Zoom Calls, including home.

The human interaction of this device is brilliant and easy to understand for anyone. All the primary usage buttons are available on the front side of the speakers. In addition, they provide seven buttons where you can turn on/Turn off the speaker along with Volume Up/Volume Down, Mute, Bluetooth connection, Dial, and one other that is a special button to use.

The manufacturers are providing VoiceIA technology in the speakers that can help restrict the noise issues in the background so you can easily talk or listen without clearly. Moreover, it comes with a volume balance functionality where you can automatically adjust everything without any issues.

The speaker can handle more than 12 attendees in a zoom conference call without any hurdles. All you need is to connect two eMeet Luna speakers and make them useful for the same purpose. It will entertain you throughout the way for large and medium meetings.

The sound production of these speakers is up to 80dB due to the three microphone arrays used inside them. Meanwhile, it has a VoiceIA self-developed algorithm system that allows you to get a 360 angle pickup in the speakers.

speaker input

Apart from that, these speakers come with multiple connectivity options. Like, you can easily connect it with Dongle, AUX, Bluetooth, and USB. Also, you don’t need to use the drivers to make the perfect connections. Instead, plug and play rule will be applied for the whole situation, which is fantastic.


  • Outstanding Noise Cancelling option.
  • Auto-off power.
  • Dongle Storage is available under the body.
  • Outstanding sound quality.
  • One of the best conference speakers for zoom calls


  • Comes without a carry case.

4. Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone

The last product we will discuss in this article is Anker, another fantastic brand for manufacturing the best quality AI-supported Sound systems for users worldwide. The one we will discuss here with Anker is the PowerConf variant, which is a wireless speaker.

1. Design of bluetooth speakerphone

Starting from the design, so the manufacturers have kept the shape Square of this speaker. For some reason, using such shapes of speakers is a good thing due to their even construction. These shapes provide durability and the most vital attribute to the speakers, which is outstanding.

The manufacturers had included a light on the speakers' front side that turned on when the device got connected to it. Meanwhile, it comes with a Volume Up/Volume Down, Calling, play, and mute button. These buttons are not like the traditional ones that you have to hard press to make them workable. Instead of that, you only have to tap on the options with your fingertips, and the function will perform for you.

The manufacturers have used six microphones on different locations of this Portable Speakerphone Speaker, which brings an array of 360 degrees. Therefore, the voice-taking capabilities of these speakers become stronger, and it makes the voice quality clear for you. In other words, this microphone functionality is included by considering the conference meeting in mind. Hence, the zoom calls will be more effective for you than ever when you use them.

wireless bluetooth speaker for calls

2. rechargeable battery

The battery power of the Anker PowerConf portable speakerphone is another outstanding feature that you should think about. It comes in 6700mAh power that pretty much gives you 24 hours of Conference calling support in one charge. Usually, the long-lasting capabilities can help you more in outdoor locations where you don’t have access to charging outlets. Therefore, it will be a fantastic option to consider.

Like other Products we have mentioned, the Anker PowerConf bluetooth Speakerphone is also an outstanding option that doesn’t require the drivers to use. Also, you can easily connect it via USB cable and Bluetooth. Meanwhile, it provides a great sense of balance for different distances you choose to connect and play it.

bluetooth speakerphone


  • This Portable Speakerphone Comes with a handy Travel case.
  • Long-Lasting Battery time.
  • Clear Sound and outstanding sound quality.
  • Offers USB cable and Bluetooth connection
  • Automatically Restricts ambient noise.
  • One of the best conference speakers


  • Sometimes the Touch Control panel responds late.

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What is the best speaker for zoom calls?

  1. 1
    Jabra Speak 510.
  2. 2
    eMeet M2 conference speakers.
  3. 3
    eMeet Luna.
  4. 4
    Anker PowerConf.

What is a good speaker for zoom meetings?

  1. 1
    Anker PowerConf Speakerphone.
  2. 2
    Jabra speaks 710 and 510.

Can you use external speakers with zoom?

Different advanced speakers come with outstanding functionalities. You can quickly go to their audio settings to ensure connectivity options with any software like Zoom. Hence, the answer to this question is that you can use external speakers with zoom.

bluetooth speaker for conference calls

What is a good speaker for zoom meetings?

Different advanced speakers come with outstanding functionalities. You can quickly go to their audio settings to ensure connectivity options with any software like Zoom. Hence, the answer to this question is that you can use external speakers with zoom.

Which speaker is best for calls?

  1. 1
    Jabra Speak 750 MS Teams.
  2. 2
    Plantronics Calisto 7200.
  3. 3
    Konftel Ego Personal Bluetooth USB Speakerphone.
  4. 4
    Jabra Speak 510 and 710.
good speaker for calls