7 Best Bluetooth Speakers For Projector 2022 (Reviews & Guide) Outdoor Movies, And Portable Soundbar

Best Bluetooth speaker for projector

You are planning to set up a projector in your home or office. It’s also possible that you have researched a lot about the list of projectors that come with the latest functionalities and amazing support. Ok, but you have been looking to buy a speaker that can provide better sound system capabilities with the projector.


Battery Life



1. JBL PartyBox 300

18 Hours


2. Sony SRS-XB43

24 Hours

Bluetooth, USB

3. JBL Xtreme 3

15 Hours


4. JBL Xtreme 2

15 Hours


5. Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3

20 Hours


6. Sony SRS-XB23

12 Hours+


7. Anker Soundcore

24 Hours+


In that case, we suggest that you go with the best Bluetooth speaker for the projector. Why? Because it will be annoying for you to set up the projector with a speaker that comes with wires and accessories. The whole area where you have planned to use the projector will not give you a sleek and clean appearance. Therefore, the only best option left for you is the Bluetooth speaker.

good wireless speakers for projector

Why not? The Bluetooth speakers are one of the latest technologies that have given the user a lot of support and reasons to have them in their home. It gives you great reasons to keep everything organized. Plus, the projectors would also look best in a room when no single messy object is found there. Moreover, the connection procedures of a Bluetooth speaker are quite better than the wired speakers. Therefore, you should always opt for this option.

But wait, is it that possible for anyone to easily get the Bluetooth speakers for a projector? Well, the answer would be no. Why? Because there are several options available in the market. Hence, it would be a hassles task for you to decide which one will be the best and provide a higher level of support. 

Due to these reasons, we have created this article where you will know about the list of projector preferred Bluetooth speakers. There is a whole bunch of lists we are going to talk about. So, let’s begin talking about it in the below section.

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1. JBL PartyBox 300 Best Bluetooth Speaker For Projector

Our first product on the list is of the JBL Company, well-known for offering the best sound system in the world. The Party box 300 is the best series that has made a lot of appreciation due to its reliability. Moreover, it’s ideal for the Home theatre-type ambiances.

Starting from the portability perspective, so the JBL Party Box 300 comes with heavyweight and tall height. Therefore, it’s the type of speaker that is normally not easier for anyone to move around. However, since you are using it for projector purposes, putting it on one end would be ideal. So, you don’t need to have it as a portable option. But, it comes with handle support that can allow more than one person to position inside the room depending upon the needs easily.

The build quality of JBL Party box 300 is acceptable for anyone. It’s made up of good-quality plastic. On the other hand, the front panel has a metal grille, which restricts the dust from coming inside and keeps the speaker in good condition. However, you wouldn’t find it as good against water or dust. Since its use is supposed to be indoors, these things never make a lot of the impact.

Coming to the features section, so the manufacturers have provided the useful primary buttons that are supposed to be Turn on/off, Pairing, volume Up/down, and many more. So, you would easily do this job without any hurdles. Another important feature of this speaker is the RGB lighting. Yes, it comes with a button that you need to press to turn on/off the RGB lights in the speaker, which is outstanding.

In terms of sound capabilities, the JBL Party Box 300 comes as a decent option. On the low-bass, it used to be quite lacking in terms of performance. However, the mid-range and upper-range provide you the best performance. But, you won’t get a customized control system for its sound.

portable Bluetooth speaker


  • Provides solid Connectivity options for wireless and wired audio.
  • Live music and karaoke are pretty much supportable due to their gained knobs.
    Two-level bass boost.
  • Crisps highs and insanely loud.


  • Heavy in size.
  • Non-XLR mic input.

2. Sony SRS-XB43 EXTRA BASS Best Speaker For Projector 

Sony is another amazing brand available in the market that provides the best quality and durable sound systems worldwide. But, of course, we are talking about the Sony SRX-XB43, which also comes with the same capabilities. 

First of all, the Sony SRX-XB43 comes with four color options, including Black, Blue, Taupe, and Red. All four colors provide uniqueness in the product. Therefore, you would have no issues selecting any one color as all of them look good.

The battery life of Sony SRX-XB43 can provide you up to 24 hours of enjoyment on a single charge. Yes, it’s one of the best support that can allow you to watch as many entertaining activities on to the speaker throughout the day. Moreover, the charging time of these Bluetooth speakers is outstanding.

The build quality of these speakers is outstanding. In terms of acceptance, you will find it the best option in the market. Why? Because it’s offering you the water and dust resistance of IP67 ratings, which is quite better. On the other hand, the feel of its’ quality construction also gives you the highest durability experiences.

Manufacturers have used netting wrapping that is quite thick. Also, the manufacturers have considered a rubber cover on the backside of the speakers that makes them more protective.