6 Best Bluetooth Speaker For Podcasts 2022 (Reviews & Guide): Smart And Shower Speakers For Audio Books

Best Bluetooth speaker for podcasts

Your presence in this article shows that you are a podcast lover based on different topics? If the answer is yes, you may be looking for a better sound system that can support all of the needs of a podcast listening experience.

If we talk about the sound systems, Bluetooth speaker is the primary type that holds a lot of importance in the market. Due to these reasons, you will get many of them in the market. But, despite that, selecting the correct type of Bluetooth speaker that fulfills your needs for listening to podcasts with a better experience is a bit hassle. Therefore, we have created this article to get the idea of the market’s top-notch Bluetooth speakers that are ideal for podcasts. So, without further ado, let’s talk about it in the section below.

Sony SRS-XB33

The first product we will talk about in this article is from the Sony Company, which has a positive image in the worldwide market due to their nominal sound systems. The Sony SRS-XB33 is the one that comes with four different color options Black, Blue, Taupe, and Red. It also comes with three connectivity options NFC, USB, and Bluetooth.

IF we talk about the Sony SRS-XB33, it has an (HWD) of 3.8 by 9.7 by 4.2. Along with that, the first glance of this product will give you an oblong type of shape where the top panel and the front side of the speaker look relatively flat. However, you will feel the backside of the Bluetooth speaker and the rounded shape. Meanwhile, the fantastic thing about this product is the LED lighting, which constantly changes your color. Furthermore, you have the options to use the app of Sony and control these lights depending upon your preferences.

The developers of Sony SRS-XB33 have included Thick netting to most of the speakers' areas that make them firm and not easily prone to rip apart. At the same time, you will see the rear opening side of the speakers that contains a rubber cover for protection purposes. Also, the Bluetooth speaker is made up with IP67 ratings where no water or dust would affect it.

In terms of frequency response, you can say that the Sony SRS-XB33 is passable. You will experience clear audio and nominal features from the Bluetooth speakers even after playing it on an extra bass. This factor will surely help you have a better experience while listening to the podcasts.

Sony SRS-XB33 doesn’t contain a lot of weight. Therefore, you can expect the fantastic portability aspects from the speaker without any hurdles. You could place it anywhere you want and listen to the podcasts on a clear and edgy sound, which is brilliant.

At last, Sony SRS XB-33 comes with three essential things in the box: the speaker, USB-C to USB-A charging cable, and the user manual. Besides that, you will not get anything else from the box.

Sony SRS-XB23

Our second product on the list is of the same company Sony whose other product Is discussed for the readers. It’s the same SRS series of Sony Speaker; however, this one is the predecessor of the previous one we talked about. In the Sony SRX XB-23, you will get five different color options: Taupe, Olive green, Light Blue, Coral Red, and black. Compared to the previous product, it has an extra option of color for the reader to choose depending upon their preferences.

If we talk about Build Quality, you will get similar features with this product, just like the above we have talked about. The Bluetooth speakers have the same IP67 ratings, where you can enjoy a rustproof and waterproof experience from the Bluetooth speakers without any issues. Besides that, it has Shockproof and Dustproof capabilities as well. Dustproofing helps you to enjoy the Podcasts in the outdoors without any worries. Meanwhile, the Shock proofing makes the Bluetooth speaker long-last.

On the Side of the Bluetooth Speaker, you will get all of the essential controls for various purposes. It has the purpose of connecting the Bluetooth speaker with another device and playing the audio on higher or lower sound nodes. Moreover, you will get the connectivity options and the rest of the essential things inside it. The power on/off features is also controlled from the same side.

As long as the Style of the speakers is concerned, you will get this one in a cylindrical shape. So whether you want to place it horizontally or vertically, it will work and give you the optimal experience in the same way. Moreover, Thick webbing is used over the speakers, making it a protective option for everyone. Apart from that, you will get passive radiators on both ends of the speakers.

Apart from that, it comes with 12 hours of playback time, which is acceptable for anyone who listens to podcasts. Meanwhile, you will get these X-Balanced speakers that bring a rewarding sound listening experience. Also, it comes with the Fast Charging USB Type-C cable, which makes your moment enjoyable after just a few hours all along again. In last, you can control various things on the Sony SRS-XB23 Bluetooth speakers with the help of the mobile app they have introduced in the app store or android store for you.

Edifier R1700BT

Edifier is a brilliant brand whose sound systems are famous worldwide due to its unique design and powerful sound support. Similarly, the Edifier R1700BT also gives you a similar type of facilities inside it, which is brilliant. Furthermore, the Connectivity options in the Bluetooth speaker are Auxiliary, Bluetooth, and RCA. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to face any connectivity problems with it.

Starting from the reliability of the Edifier R1700BT speakers, you will get two years warranty from it. Therefore, you can play podcasts for as long as you can and change the product if you have found any issues with it.

One of the best things you will get in the speaker is the build material. Yes, the developers have used the Classic Wood available in high-quality MDF. If you are serious about having a Bluetooth speaker that can bring a positive appearance, this factor will give you an extra edge for the podcast. Also, because of the fact, its wooden material will easily complement the whole home décor aspect with it.

While you are listening to the podcasts on these speakers, you don’t have to stand up and control the speakers with the available buttons. The exciting part is that these Bluetooth speakers come with a remote control option where you can easily control all of the things by sitting in the range from your fingertips.

In the Control section, you will see two Aux Inputs to connect the other devices with it. Whether you want to connect a headphone or anything else, you can make good use of it with the help of Aux ports. Switching and plugging in the Bluetooth speakers are not required for you due to the Aux ports.

The handling of higher frequencies is nominal with these speakers due to the silk Dome tweeter with 0.75 inches measurements. Meanwhile, it comes with a 4-inch bass driver that provides an optimal low-end delivery in the sound. Moreover, it comes with a brilliant Frequency range between 60Hz – 20 kHz. Apart from that, it offers you a clear visualization of sound for every podcast that you play on it.


Ultimate Ears or UE is a well-known brand whose product is famous due to its exceptional sound quality, unique style, and tiny sizes. The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is the one that has the same kind of extraordinary features for the customers to enjoy.

Starting from the design of this product, it's very sleek and simple but maintains the standard of the current type of styling. In other words, its styling attributes are luxurious and advanced. Moreover, the speaker has four different color options, including Radical red, Bermuda Blue, Deep Space, and Crushed Ice Grey. You can evenly enjoy these color patterns without any hurdles, which is amazing. Also, it comes with only one connectivity option, which is Bluetooth.

In terms of Compatibility, you will not get any other product as compatible as the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2. It's way smaller in size compared to the other products that we have talked about in the article. You can analyze it by seeing the picture of the product or seeing it live for the first time. You can even hold it with one hand.

The Developers of the Ultimate Ears Wonder boom has introduced ruggedness in the product for the customers. In general, you will never have to face drop or dirt issues as the Bluetooth speaker is prone to both things. Alongside, it comes with the IP67 rating, where you will also not need to worry about water-related issues. The product is evenly prone to water too.

The Battery timing of Ultimate Ears Wonder boom is approximately 13 hours, which is quite enough for listening to the podcasts. On the other hand, you will be happy that it offers 360 sound capabilities. So whether you play it indoor or outdoor, you will feel a similar sound experience. Also, it offers you an additional bass that is brilliant to provide you with an extra reason to enjoy the podcasts.

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3

The Second Ultimate Ears product in the list, and it’s the MEGABOOM series. First of all, you will get three different color options in the speaker: Sunset Red, Night Black, and Lagoon Blue. All three of them are brilliant and make it harder to decide. Therefore, you will have to think for longer times to choose one.

Like the previous product, the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 comes with 360 degree sound playing capabilities for the users. The beneficial aspect of this feature is that you can play the podcast indoors or outdoors; the speaker will always offer you a nominal, sound-filling experience. Meanwhile, the balancing of the Bluetooth speaker will remain amazing, where you can easily feel every bit of it to the core.

The Styling aspect of the Bluetooth speaker is quite brilliant as the developers have introduced the Cylindrical shape in the speaker and kept it small in size. The shape and size of the speaker make it versatile to use in the horizontal or vertical position. Even though the sound production of the speaker will never affect, moreover, you will get two big size buttons on the front side of the speakers.

Compared to the Ultimate Ears wonder Boom 2, this one comes in a much bigger size. However, you will easily feel that this speaker provides you with a much better lightweight and comes in a smaller size. As a result, you can hold it with one hand without any hurdles. Also, it tends to be battery-powered, and you can easily transport it from one place to another without having any issues. Also, the hassles of the plug-in with the outlets are all cut-off for you.

The build quality of Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 is amazing. It’s wrapped up with a good quality tight fabric that won’t let the speakers tear apart that easily. Also, its durability will increase for sure due to the same reasons. On the other hand, the speakers are designed with the IP67 ratings where no water or dust will ever damage or other issues because it will never allow them to come inside for any reason. The experts have tested for the IP67 rating features, and they have shared an exceptional response to it.

The Frequency Response of the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 is between 72.3Hz – 18.2 kHz. Typically, it’s considered the passable Frequency response accuracy in the market and among the experts. You will experience the overall sound profile of the speaker as Boomy. The well-balancing is available to its mid-range; therefore, you will surely enjoy the lead instruments and vocals while playing the Podcasts on the speaker.

But, the sound experience may not be as pleasing for you when played on a higher frequency. Typically, the higher frequencies are not as supportive in most Bluetooth speakers, and you will enjoy the same from it. In the Last, you will get four essential things in the product box: power supply, User manual, Micro-USB Charging Cable, and the Bluetooth speaker itself.


Our last product on the list is the JBL Company, which is right now at the top positions for offering a nominal sound system to its users worldwide. Numerous JBL Bluetooth speakers are in the top competitions. The JBL Charge 5 is the one that is also among those competitive products, and we needed to include it, too, for you.

First of all, the JBL Charge 5 comes with six different color options, including Teal, Red, Black, Blue, Camouflage, and Gray. All of the color options are brilliant for anyone to use. However, camouflage is something that is unique and can be considered as the best among them. However, you can consider any of them depending upon your color preference. Also, it comes with only the Bluetooth connectivity feature, which you have to deal with.

Starting from the Styling aspects, you will get a big size logo on the front side of the JBL 5 Bluetooth speaker. Apart from that, another fantastic thing about the speaker is that you will see the lights will show up whenever you try to turn on the speaker. Also, the Battery indicator is there to instantly tell you about the battery life and when it’s possibly needed to charge the speaker.

Compared to the other portable Bluetooth speakers, this one also comes with extremely lightweight and small-size functionalities. You can easily hold it with your hands and transport it from one place to another without any issues. For a podcast listener, it’s a brilliant factor that can allow listening to the podcasts anywhere and at any time without any hurdles.

The JBL Charge 5 comes with a very easy-to-understand controlling system. You will get all of the important buttons at one place where you can power on/off, Volume on/off, and perform the major other things with the Bluetooth speaker. Also, it comes with the magic button tactics that you would get to know about when buying it for podcast listening purposes.

Compared to the other Bluetooth speakers, JBL Charge 5 has a playback time of approximately 20 hours. So, in general, it’s way longer and is ideal for you to listen to the podcast as many times in the day without worrying about charging it for any reason. In addition, its charging capability is faster, and you can easily get the charging cells back to their position.

Lastly, JBL charge 5 is the type of Bluetooth speaker that you can use as a power bank. In simple words, it can charge the other smart devices for you. It comes with a Cable port where you have to plug in the Charging cable and then connect the other end to the smartphone to charge it. The other products we have discussed don’t have similar capabilities. So, it will be an extra amazing thing in this speaker for you, which will help you a lot of times.

Which Bluetooth speaker is best?

  • JBL Charge 5.
  • UE Wonderboom 2.
  • Anker SoundCore Flare 2.
  • JBL Flip 5.
  • UE Megaboom 3.
  • Sonos Roam.
  • UE Boom 3.
  • Bose Home Portable Speakers.

Which is the best portable Bluetooth speaker?

In terms of competition, JBL, Sonos, Ultimate Ears, and Sony are considered the top companies whose brilliant Bluetooth speakers. However, it all depends upon the preferences of the users and the buyers. Every one of them has a unique set of benefits and drawbacks; therefore, you can make the decisions per your preferences and demands.

What is the most powerful small Bluetooth speaker?

Anker Sound core motion boom is considered the best and smallest Bluetooth Speaker whose sound production is loudest and perfect clarity for the listeners.

Which is the best mini speaker?

The Mini Speakers usually come in the small categories of speakers. Right now, it's trending in the market. And for your knowledge, Soundcore Mini 3, JBL Clip 4 mini, and UE Wonderboom 2 Mini are considered the best in the market.