5 Best Bluetooth Speakers For Hiking 2022 (Reviews & Guide): Top For Portable, Backpacking And Outdoor

best Bluetooth speaker for hiking

Are you the one who is enthusiastic about spending most of the time in the Hiking spots? If yes, you should bring along some outstanding stuff for yourself that can help you have a better listening experience.

There is no doubt with the fact that hiking is a tough thing to do. At some points, you need some rest to go along to the summit area where you want to spend some quality time alone or with friends. 

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But, carrying a Bluetooth speaker would be an outstanding option for you to make the rest time more beautiful. Yes, you can listen to your favorite songs while resting to the points to get a great sense of motivation to continue the remaining journey.


Battery Life



1. JBL Clip 4

10 Hours of Battery life


2. Sony SRS-XB23

12 Hours of battery life

Bluetooth, USB


10 Hours of battery life


4. Sony SRS-XB13

16 Hours of battery life

Bluetooth, USB

5. Anker Soundcore 2

24 Hours of battery life

Bluetooth, Wireless

But wait, what should be the best Bluetooth speaker for Hiking? Well, it should be the one that can provide a better sound experience, easy connectivity, Waterproofing, Quality build, and many more. In simple words, many aspects come together to consider the best Bluetooth speaker for the same purpose.

You will see a lot of the speakers in the market that are providing the same services. However, it would be a hard decision for you to select the right pair of speakers. Therefore, we are with this article where you will learn about the list of best Bluetooth speakers for hiking. So, let’s begin talking about them in detail.

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1. JBL Clip 4 Best Bluetooth Speaker For Hiking

Starting from JBL, the well-known and competitive sound system provider globally with outstanding positive feedback from the customer's side.

1. Design of wireless speaker

The first thing about this portable Bluetooth speaker that a Hiker would love is the design. Yes, the JBL 4 comes in a compact size and a unique design. The first appearance of this product will look like a Door or shop Lock. It comes with a clip on the upper side that you can press to hang it anywhere you want.

2. Easy to carry

Since you are hiking throughout the time, it would be pretty dangerous to put it inside the bag because of the damages issues. Hence, you can easily hang it onto the bag's front side openly and carry it along anywhere you want. Plus, the quality construction never allows the sunlight to damage it from the outside, which is fantastic.

Besides its unique and fantastic design, another essential thing to discuss here is the color variations. JBL 4 wireless speakers comes with 7 different color options to select from. Hence, you have the option to consider whatever looks best to you. It also comes with a customizable design, allowing you to get it the way you want.

3. Battery life

The JBL 4 wireless speakers comes with a built-in battery because you want to use it as a portable device. In terms of the built-in battery, it provides better performance to the users. For example, you would easily listen to as many songs continuously for at least 10 hours on a single charge. However, the timing of battery drainage depends upon the volume level you have chosen. In general, listening to music on high-volume nodes will minimize the battery timing.

Best bluetooth speaker for hiking

Good quality material is used in the construction of JBL CLIP 4, which makes it an ideal option for dusty and waterproof situations. As hiking is all about dusty and Water experiences, this product would be an outstanding option.

The connectivity option of the JBL clip 4 is another outstanding thing. You can easily connect it with Bluetooth or Type C USB cable without any hurdles, which is exceptional. On top of that, buying these speakers will offer you a warranty card and a quick starter Guide with a Safety sheet. Long story short, These are the best speakers for hiking

jbl clip 4

Reasons to buy this portable bluetooth speaker

  • Built-in Carabiner.
  • Fully Waterproof design.
  • Good Quality Audio.
  • Compact size.
  • Best outdoor speakers with good battery life

Reasons to avoid

  • Limited Onboard Controls.

2. Sony SRS-XB23 Best portable Speaker For Hiking

Sony is another outstanding competitor when it comes to the portable Bluetooth speaker market. However, the company has designed some of the best products for users who want a good quality speaker for outdoor activities.

1. Design 

If we talk about Sony SRS-XB23, this wireless speaker comes with an outstanding shape. Yes, it has the shape of a Speaker Mic that you would see in most of the functions a person holds into the hand. However, the detailing of this Bluetooth speaker is quite outstanding. Meanwhile, it comes with five different color options that give you a better sense of choosing the one that looks better to you.

2. Battery life

The battery capabilities on a single charge offer you to play the music for up to 12 hours without issues. However, the timing does vary when you listen to the music or anything else in low or high volume. It would give you more battery timing when played on normal sound. At the same time, it can provide you with less charging time on high volumes.

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The IP67 design is considered for the construction of this Sound system. It will help you get a shockproof, dustproof, rustproof, and waterproof environment from the product. Yes, you can easily take it to the Hiking spots without worrying about all these things that are pretty common in such types of locations.

3. sound quality and connectivity

If we talk about the sound quality, this waterproof speaker comes with an outstanding Bass, which helps you listen to the music on a loud node without getting distortion. Moreover, it comes with an excellent connectivity option. You can easily connect the Bluetooth speakers with a smart device using NFC, USB, or Bluetooth options. Also, it comes as a full-range speaker type with a recommended usage for music players.

Reasons To Buy This Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Compact Design.
  • High Crisps and powerful bass depth.
  • Waterproof and rugged build.
  • Good battery life and sound quality
  • Comes with Party and Stereo pairing mode.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The battery level is unclear.

3. JBL Clip 3 Wireless Speaker

Another product in the list of best speakers for hiking the same Company JBL, who is outstanding for its quality sound system products. The product we are talking about here is the JBL Clip 3, an older model compared to the JBL Clip 4 we mentioned above.

Pretty much everything about this product is quite the same as the JBL Clip 4. However, some things are still important to talk about. First of all, this product comes with 12 different color variations. Same as JBL Clip 4, it offers color options to you. Also, you can consider the customized color options as well, depending upon your needs.

1. Battery life

The battery timing of these speakers is way outstanding in terms of playtime. You can easily listen to the music for more than 10 hours without any hurdles, which is a fantastic thing about this product. On a single charge, you can easily take it along for more than one hiking experience to listen to your favorite music.

2. Waterproof speaker

The IPX7 waterproof standards are used for this product. It makes this speaker quite outstanding to play without any hurdles in the Water-type situation. Since hiking trails used to have loads of natural experiences, spending time in the water is also mandatory. Therefore, you would enjoy a good time over an amazing and safe experience with the JBL Clip 3 waterproof speaker.

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Reasons To Buy

  • Affordable Wireless Speaker.
  • Good quality Construction.
  • Color Options.
  • Waterproof Speaker.
  • Easy Mounting.
  • Up to 12 hours Playtime.
  • One of the Best outdoor speakers

Reasons To Avoid 

  • Comes without High-quality Streaming Codecs.

4. Sony SRS-XB13 Portable Speaker

Sony SRS-XB13 is an outstanding series introduced by the Sony Company, which has a positive response and a considerable amount of users worldwide. This product comes with the essential features and properties that are pretty important for you while hiking.

1. Battery life

The first and most important thing that matters in a Hiking Bluetooth speaker is the Batter life. Here, the Sony SRS-XB13 portable speaker provides you almost 16 hours of Playtime on a single charge. Compared to the other products, this one is quite outstanding in terms of long-lasting listening. Hence, it would be an excellent option for those who want an elegant product to remain usable for more extended periods on a single charge. It would be helpful if you were camping on the hiking trails in the nighttime.

2. Bluetooth connectivity

The connectivity option of these Bluetooth speakers is another astonishing thing that you need to consider. Here, you will be happy to hear that it comes with a USB Type-C and Bluetooth pairing option. So when your mobile battery is low, you can connect it with the other devices with the help of a USB. Otherwise, you can still connect it with Bluetooth. Meanwhile, it comes with a built-in mic that can help you with hands-free calling.

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3. DSP Technology

DSP Technology has been introduced in the making of sound capabilities for these speakers. You would experience a clear sound anywhere without worrying about the space area due to the sound diffusion processor. Moreover, it has an outstanding extra Bass system, making the speaker a brilliant option for getting quality depth sound.

4. Weater resistant wireless speakers 

Advanced UV Coating and IP67 rating construction are considered for these Bluetooth speakers. As a result, you will get a dustproof and waterproof experience from these speakers that brings a sense of durability elements for you. Hence, you will never find hurdles taking it to the hard areas.

Pros of these portable bluetooth speaker